3 Less-Talked-About (But Oh So Important) Wedding Day Preps

3 Less-Talked-About (But Oh So Important) Wedding Day Preps

Where do you even begin when it comes to wedding day planning? From picking a venue, choosing the perfect invitations, and deciding what flowers you want, the list seems endless.

Something that isn’t always thought about is what it takes to get yourself ready for the perfect day. Pictures last forever, and you want to make sure that you are feeling and looking your best! Color schemes and hair styles can be found all over the internet. We wanted to share a few less-talked-about topics for couples to consider as they gear up for the big day!

Keeping That Hair Right
3 Less-Talked-About (But Oh So Important) Wedding Day Preps - Keeping That Hair Right - Woman's Hair
For the bride, as soon as you get engaged you should start to think about your hair. Whether that is to grow it out, or get your typical coloring job. On average for ladies, hair grows at a quarter of an inch each month. This is definitely something to consider before you get anything chopped off in time to get your curls or updo done.

3 Less-Talked-About (But Oh So Important) Wedding Day Preps - Keeping That Hair Right - Man's Hair

For the groom, having that extra boost of confidence as she walks down the aisle will make for one of the best moments of your life. One in four men begin to lose their hair before they are 30 years old. To be proactive against this, hims offers hair loss options to fight the signs of thinning and maintaining those healthy locks. On your wedding day, your hair should be the last thing you have to worry about!

Make That Skin Glow
3 Less-Talked-About (But Oh So Important) Wedding Day Preps - For Flawless Skin - Watermelon Stars
What is better than having flawless skin? Who really knows? There are many enjoyable foods that assist in helping you look and feel your best.

Watermelon is an all-star when it comes to fruits to make your skin radiate. It has low levels of sugar relative to fruit, and most importantly it can reduce water retention that leads to puffiness around the eyes. Here is a list of 25 Watermelon Recipes You’ll Crave. The Hydration Salad is something that we highly recommend.

In anticipation of your wedding, another food you should try to enjoy is almonds. They are loaded with vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent the signs of aging. Being consumed orally, vitamin E has the power to increase its level on the skin’s surface, which helps to fight against dry skin.

Stress Free Zone
3 Less-Talked-About (But Oh So Important) Wedding Day Preps -Stay Stress Free - Meditation
One of the most important parts of wedding planning is to enjoy the process. So much time, money, and effort goes into just one day. It’s important that you live in the moment.

To keep your mind clear and not worry so much, Buddify is an app that helps you relax through four minute meditation sessions. You can easily download it for free to your phone or tablet. There are tons of different meditation options. From helping you fall asleep, taking a break at work, and even dealing with stressful situations. This is about to be the best day of your life, and you should do nothing but look forward to it!

All in all, your wedding will be unforgettable day no matter what. With so much thought going into this day, these are a few ideas to think about when it comes to your appearance and mind. With that being said, no matter how close your wedding day is, it is never too late to make adjustments to make you feel your best!

I hope you found this information useful!

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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4 Easy Tips for Planning The Ultimate Bachelorette Party!

Planning The Ultimate Bachelorette PartyFlickr

So you’ve been assigned the job of planning your girl’s bachelorette party – no pressure right?

Wrong. It’s a lot of responsibility that can be overwhelming at times. A lot of people see bachelorette parties happen in movies and on tv shows and assume that it’s as simple as going to a club, but it’s so much more than that.

If you want to do it properly, then it means doing a lot of planning in advance.

Here’s how to ensure you get it right, and plan something special that the bride-to-be will enjoy.

First of all, you need to know that it can get pricey, so you’ll need to think about all the things you will need to purchase. This means the food, drinks, venue, outfits (depending on whether or not you have a theme), and transportation. Of course, you’re not expected to pay for everything yourself – but the bachelorette shouldn’t pay for anything either – the day is all about her remember. Your job includes going around collecting funds from all the other girls. So be realistic with the final number, and then split it all equally with everyone else.

Now you need to come up with the overall idea. Are you going to start in the evening? Or do you want to make a whole day of it and end up with one of those dream bachelorette parties like male revue?

This is one of those important days for girls (and guys), not because, as they say, it’s the last night of freedom, but it’s a great bonding moment for all the girls involved, and it ‘s a celebration of the bride-to-be’s new journey into marriage!

It’s the time for the bride-to-be really appreciates her friends, and the relationships that you have before she shares the rest of her life with her partner. So coming up with an idea that makes the bride-to-be beam, is your end goal here.

Do something that you know she would love to do.

Then you can start thinking about a theme. This is where it gets fun, because you can really push the boundaries here, and no one will bat an eye because it’s the bachelorette party.

If you want to waltz down the street with all the girls dressed up as Disney princesses – you can.

Again, think about what the bride to be really loves, and base it all around that.

Maybe she has a crazy obsession with the color purple, or blue, or orange, so then you can come up with outfits that show that off. Or maybe you have an unconventional bride-to-be on your hands that loves the darker side of life, so dress everyone up as sexy vampires before you go out!

The Bigger Picture
A lot of people can get caught up in the act of planning. They end up watching something on tv and doing all the ‘typical’ bachelorette party antics, but that may not be what your bachelorette wants.

Don’t be selfish and just do things that you or the other girls would enjoy, because at the end of the day it isn’t about any of you – it’s all about her, so give her the send off that she deserves.

* This is a contributed post

I hope you found this information useful!

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Which is Better? – Glasses vs Contacts On Your Wedding

Q. – Glasses or contacts? I’m trying to figure out whether to wear my glasses or go with contact lenses on my wedding day.


A. – Like most “should I do this or that” type of questions for your wedding day, this one does not have a definite “Wear Glasses” or “Wear Contacts” answer.

There are several factors to consider:

1. Are you near sighted or far sighted? If near sighted, you probably won’t need to wear eyewear at all during your wedding. But, if you’re far sighted and planning on reading your own wedding vows, well, you’ve got to be able to see what you’re reading.

2. How frequently during the day do you wear your glasses (or contacts)? If it’s just once in a while, you may be able to skip eyewear at your wedding.

3. Do you routinely wear contacts? If not, then now is NOT the best time to start (there’s a process of wearing/getting your eyes used to contacts. Don’t experiment at your wedding).

4. Will you look like you without your glasses? No one wants to look back at their wedding photos and think, “I don’t even look like myself!”

5. If you do wear contacts, how long can you go without having to remove them? Some people can wear them all day with no problems, others can only go for a few hours without feeling major dry-eye and irritation.

6. Are contact lenses a good fit for your sight issues? There are some conditions that make fitting and wearing contacts more difficult.

Reasons for not wearing glasses:
• Don’t want your eyes to be hidden
• Don’t want to have to keep cleaning them
• Want to avoid glare in photos (Good news, you can get lenses that are anti-glare)
• Don’t want to cover up your wedding day make-up (Your make-up artist can help create a look that will coordinate with glasses)

3 Tips For Choosing Accessories For Your Wedding Day

Reasons for not wearing contacts:
• Worried about losing a contact during the event
• Won’t recognize yourself without your glasses
• You don’t wear them now
• Worried you’ll cry your eyes out, happy wedding tears, of course, and lose a lens (Crying won’t make a lens come out, just don’t rub your eyes, as that can dislodge a lens)

So, glasses or contacts on your wedding day?

Whichever is going to make you feel like the most beautiful version of you, AND that you will be the most comfortable in. But, what ever you choose, have a backup pair of both on hand, just in case.

So, glasses or contacts, which will you be wearing? We’d love to know (and share pics)!

Photo Credit: manifeesto / 123RF Stock Photo

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Aisle Runners – Do I Need One?

[Do I Need An Aisle Runner?]

wedding ceremony aisle decorated with aisle runner flower rose petals and candles

One common question brides ask is “Do I need an Aisle Runner” for their wedding ceremony. Like most things related to weddings, a simple “yes or no” answer won’t suffice, as there are many factors to consider when determining if an aisle runner is right for you.

Tradition and Symbolism
The tradition and symbolism behind using a runner is that the bride was considered ‘royalty’ on her wedding day and was not expected to walk on the same ground as the rest of the ‘commoners.’

While this reasoning is no longer considered in today’s society, there are several reasons for using an aisle runner (or not using one).

Benefits of an Aisle Runner
Sloppy Weather – One reason for using a runner is determined by when your wedding will take place. If it will be during the winter, or other sloppy weather season, you might want to have a runner so you won’t have to walk on a carpet/floor that has been dirtied by your guests shoes. However, if there is going to be good weather, then this won’t be a concern.

Downwplay Clashing Colors – Some brides choose to use an aisle runner because the carpet at the ceremony site clashes with her wedding colors. Others use one since it makes a lovely backdrop for the petals to be dropped by the flower girl.

Like How It Looks – However, the most common reason to use an aisle runner is because it fits the bride’s vision of her wedding ceremony. Simply put, she likes how it looks.

On the other hand, if you don’t like the look of an aisle runner, or really don’t want to use one, there is no reason to do so. There is no “rule” that says you have to have an aisle runner.

Close your eyes and quietly envision your wedding day. Do you “see” an aisle runner in the picture? Then you might want to use one. However, if you don’t, then my recommendation to you would be to not use a runner.

wedding ceremony aisle decorated with flowers, tulle, and aisle runner

How To Pull An Aisle Runner In Place
Aisle runners – if they are pulled out correctly AND secured at both ends with pins and/or tape – should not bunch. Aisle runners are actually very easy to properly pull out.

Here’s how:

    • It should be secured at the front of the aisle prior to the ceremony (your florist or wedding coordinator can take care of this for you).
    • The person(s) designated to pull the aisle runner should walk up the aisle together, each pick up the pull string/rope with one hand, and turn facing the way they will be walking (the back of the aisle).

Alternatives to the White Aisle Runner

  • This next step is very important. Have them look at the center of where they will be walking to (ie. the center of the doorway, the exit sign hanging above the door, etc.) and have them walk toward that point. The aisle runner should smoothly unroll behind them. They can glance back now and then to make sure it is straight, but they should NOT be looking behind them at the runner while unrolling it! That will make it go crooked and bunch up.
  • After the runner is completely rolled out, secure it with tape or pin

Aisle Runner Alternatives
Although a white runner remains the most popular choice, white is not the only option. Red carpets, in the fashion of Hollywood events, make a grand statement.

Also, many brides are opting for custom made aisle runners. These coordinate with the wedding colors and can incorporate the bride and groom’s names and wedding date, or a lovely monogram. After the wedding, this portion of the runner is carefully cleaned and displayed in the couple’s home.

wedding ceremony aisle with aisle runner and flower

Outdoor Ceremony Concerns
Outdoor ceremonies pose a different set of criteria when considering the use of an aisle runner.

Will the aisle be on grass or on a sidewalk? If it’s a sidewalk, the runner can be easily, and safely, secured using duct tape (which comes in different colors now, including white).

However, if on grass, keep in mind that while you may be thinking about keeping the hemline of your gown grass-stain free, the ground itself probably isn’t level (which is usually the case). On unlevel ground, an aisle runner will quickly become a hazard, and the potential for tripping, and heels catching and tearing through increases. For safety’s sake, not only for you and your bridal party, but for all of your guests who will be exiting after the ceremony, forgo the use of an aisle runner on grass.

Even without an aisle runner, your aisle needn’t be bare. Small pots of flowers along the sides of the aisle is an easy and inexpensive way to add a bit of color, and is a wonderful option for indoor and outdoor ceremonies. For an outdoor ceremony, try lining the aisle with rose petals, or for something a bit more dramatic, have a complete rose petal “runner.” Looks fabulous, and if outdoors, clean-up is literally a breeze.

What are you thinking of using for your wedding ceremony – an aisle runner or something else?

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Cupid
Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and romance.

Happy Valentine's Day - Cupid in a Landscape by Sodoma

Common Valentine’s Day symbols are hearts, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid (the god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection).

59 Literary Love Quotes for Every Romantic

Check out Liam Neeson’s version of Cupid. While his version misses the mark on love and romance, it’s good for a laugh or two.

And if you want something a bit more traditional, here’s a classic Valentine’s poem:

“The rose is red, the violet’s blue,
The honey’s sweet, and so are you.
Thou art my love and I am thine;
I drew thee to my Valentine:
The lot was cast and then I drew,
And Fortune said it shou’d be you.”
~ Gammer Gurton’s Garland, a 1784 collection of English nursery rhymes

Be My Valentine

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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8 Ways To Save On Wedding Costs and Avoid Debt

Today’s blog post ‘8 Ways To Save On Wedding Costs, Avoid Debt’ comes from Dawn Papandrea and creditcards.com.

save on wedding costs avoid debt

We recently posted an article with tips for funding your wedding where the topic of using your credit card was briefly touched upon. The following article by Dawn Papandrea goes further in depth on what to look for (and what to avoid) if you do choose to pay for any of your wedding with a credit card, as well as other great money saving tips.

Ask any soon-to-be bride about her wedding plans, and she’ll pull up elaborate Pinterest boards on her smartphone. With so many amazing ideas accessible at your fingertips, it’s no wonder why today’s engaged couples are under pressure to spend more than ever on their big day.

According to The Knot 2016 Real Weddings Study, the average wedding in 2016 cost $35,329 (and that’s not counting the honeymoon!). Besides rising prices, part of the reason may be the desire for custom guest entertainment has more than tripled, from 11 percent to 41 percent since 2009, with couples adding special touches, such as photo booths (78 percent), games (18 percent), musical performances (12 percent) and even fireworks (8 percent) to their events.

With good planning and creativity, however, it’s still possible to have a Pin-worthy wedding without going into debt (or over the top), as these experts reveal.

Take a look at some frugal chic strategies to help you save money on your nuptials:

1. Say ‘I do’ to credit rewards.
If you’re a couple with strong credit, the pre-wedding period is the best time to open a rewards credit card . “If you don’t have a credit card that offers hotel discounts, airline miles or other rewards you should get one,” says Anne Chertoff, WeddingWire’s trends expert. “I signed up for a cash back card before I got married and put everything on it from lunches to bigger ticket items like my photographer,” she says.

Some things to keep in mind: You’ll need a good to excellent credit score to qualify for the most generous rewards credit cards. When comparing cards, look for ones that align with your spending style, and that have good sign-up bonuses (you’ll have to spend a certain amount within a time frame, such as $1,000 in three months, in order to get them banked). Then, figure out what type of redemption will benefit you the most. If you don’t travel much, look for a card with points that can be redeemed for anything from rental cars, hotels, airfare or gift cards instead of one just focused on airline miles.

Here’s an idea: “You can use points to purchase gift cards for stores that carry products and supplies you might need to create the centerpieces for your wedding reception, or to buy bridal party gifts,” says Dawn-Marie Joseph, president of Estate Planning and Preservation, and founder of Williamston is Your Wedding Destination, a group of wedding vendors in Williamston, Michigan.

Of course, rewards cards only benefit you if you don’t carry a balance month to month. Once you start paying finance charges on purchases, you’ll cancel out your earnings.

If you can’t pay off the balance right away, you or your intended may want to look into getting a card offering an extended 0 percent promotional rate on purchases; just be sure you have a repayment plan set up to get the balance paid off before the promotional rate expires.

2. Minimize wedding-day travel.
If you find a venue that provides space for both your ceremony and reception, you can save a lot, says Sharon Naylor, author of 35 wedding planning books including “1001 Ways to Save Money and Still Have a Dazzling Wedding.” “For instance, your floral designer will only need to travel to and from one location, so that cuts down on their travel charges,” she says.

It might also mean that your photographer and videographer will spend fewer hours with you. Also, paying for an officiant is often less pricey than ceremony fees in a house of worship. Plus, if it’s all in one place, you can reduce your limousine costs, or maybe not hire one at all.

3. Scale down the food.
You don’t want to risk your guests going home hungry, but you might be able to lower the menu price per head by working with your caterer, says Naylor.

“You can skip the raw bar and just have seafood accents on some dishes, such as a lobster topping for the mac and cheese station. Or, instead of offering a buffet bowl of shrimp cocktail, have shrimp cocktail hand-passed by servers,” says Naylor. You can also opt for noodles, salads, pastas and other lower-cost selections and reduce the number of meat-carving stations.

For your cake, stick with simpler designs and classic cake flavors and fillings. “Some cakes triple in price when you opt for specialty ingredients,” says Naylor.

4. Fine-tune your flower budget.
“The majority of people don’t know how much flowers cost,” says Joseph. While she recommends going online to get ideas about the bouquet shape and colors you like, don’t get hung up on particular types of flowers unless they have a special meaning to you.

In fact, ask your florist to recommend “nonwedding flowers,” says Naylor. “Gardenias, stephanotis, callas and some other traditional bridal blooms cost a bundle. Your floral expert can suggest some blooms that are not only in season and more affordable, but are super-pretty and can often be acquired in larger masses for more effect,” she says.

Bonus tip: Bridal bouquets can pull double duty as centerpieces or to decorate the head table when placed atop clear cylinder bases or pedestals, says Joseph, and florists often have these inexpensive items on hand.

5. When it makes sense, do it yourself.
“A lot of people think they can save with DIY, but test before you invest,” says Chertoff. She’s seen many brides attempt to do their own wedding accents, and end up paying for professionally designed items at the last minute.

Here are some DIY dos and don’ts:

Do consider DIY favors. If you have an idea that’s nonperishable or can be done well in advance of the event, go for it. Whether it’s creating a custom USB of music or packaging up food that will last (like chocolates), you can find discount supplies and enlist your bridesmaids to help you package them up, says Chertoff.

But don’t … try to DIY anything that needs to be done during wedding crunch time. Making baked goods or trying to create your own bouquets the day of the event can turn into a disaster.

Do a DIY photo booth. Guests will have a blast if you put up a backdrop poster, and set up a prop table with a few selfie sticks (Etsy.com has lots of customizable and affordable ideas). Then, you can ask guests to use a custom wedding hashtag when they post photos so you can see them.

But don’t … try to get away with not hiring a professional photographer or videographer, says Naylor. “Your wedding photos and video become so much more important in the years to come. Hire a reputable pro, even if prices are higher than some hobbyists you may see advertising out there,” she says.

Do create your own signage. There are lots of great ideas online to create customized table seating cards, table numbers, and ceremony and reception signs. If you’re crafty and have the time, you can pull these off with low-cost supplies.

But don’t … think that doing invitations or programs on your own will save you money. “You might not be aware of just how much ink goes into your invitation, program and other print items until you get started, and by then it’s too late,” says Naylor. Still, there are large price variations based on types of paper and print processes, costs for inserts, and whether you bundle your invitations with your programs, so shop around.

6. Don’t be a designer snob.
For many brides, it’s all about the dress, but finding one that flatters you is more important than the name that is on the label. “There’s nothing wrong with looking at stores like David’s Bridal. Dresses are totally affordable and fashion forward. And high-end designers are creating selections that are stunning,” says Chertoff.

She also recommends shopping sample sales, but only after going dress shopping to try on different styles and see what you like. Otherwise, you’ll end up settling for a gown you’re not crazy about, and cave in to buying a second dress you find later on.

Although it’s unconventional, Joseph says it’s possible to save a lot of money by considering a consignment dress purchase, which is sometimes offered in her boutique, The Wedding Gallery. “I just took in a $2,500 ballgown dress in perfect condition – there’s not one bead out of place,” says Joseph. If you can get past the fact that the dress was already worn – literally for a few hours – you can save a lot.

7. Learn how to manage extras.
Many couples go over their wedding budget by at least 10 percent, says Chertoff. To not have to rely on credit cards, she recommends putting $1,000 into a do-not-touch fund for last-minute surprise costs – such as having to buy large umbrellas if rain is in the forecast, or items for guest hospitality baskets in the restrooms.

Of course, don’t forget that extras are optional. “Your wedding is not the last party you’re ever going to throw,” says Chertoff.

8. Read your contracts carefully.
Another way to get in over your head with wedding spending is by ignoring the fine print. “Make sure you know what’s included, such as if you have to pay extra for valet service; what the payment schedule is; and if credit cards are OK, or do they charge a processing fee,” says Chertoff.

A bit of haggling can go a long way, too. “Ask for a discount if you pay in cash, or are buying in volume,” Joseph says.

There’s no getting around the fact that planning an elegant affair is expensive, but by employing some of these frugal tactics and sticking to your budget, you’ll start your new lives together with not only a grand celebration, but on the right financial footing.

I hope you found this information useful! To see the original article, or for more of Dawn’s credit card tips/suggestions go here.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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9 Tips to Help You get Started With Your Wedding Plans

While planning their wedding, many brides want to save money while making their dreams come true just like they imagined the day as little girls.

From choosing your venue to creating your decorations and invitations, there are several tasks to take care of. Find a few tips below on how to get started.

1. Announce Your Upcoming Wedding
Sure, you can have your announcement in the local paper. But won’t it be more personal if you create and send a simple card (you can get them printed at your local printers)? Choose a cute theme, color, and envelope, and send out the announcements to the people who matter.

Start with making a list and gathering addresses (you can later use these addresses when getting ready to send out your wedding invitations). Want something a little different and fun? How about an animated version of your wedding announcement card? If it’s created to be an invitation, share it only with those you want to invite, however if it is merely an announcement go ahead and share it on social media.

2. Pick Your Wedding Date
You’ve got a lot of things to take consider when choosing your wedding date, such as when you and your fiancé are free, when your desired venue is available, and (especially for outdoor events) seasonal weather patterns.

If you’re like some couples, you have a specific date (such as the anniversary of your first date). Other couples are more flexible, such as anytime in August, or wanting a Fall wedding.

You may want to make sure that your desired wedding date doesn’t fall into any type of “scheduling conflict” with your parents and other people who are so special to you that you can’t imaging them not being at your wedding. Just remember that this is YOUR wedding, and not lose control of choosing the date.

3. Find Your Venue
If you’re flexible with when to have your wedding, you may want to look for a venue before having a definite date chosen, then finalize your wedding date based on your selected venue.

During your venue search, don’t just pick one hotel or banquet hall to visit; interview several, and choose the one that offers not just the best price, but the one that has the best combination of price, service, amenities, and decor/look. A venue that has an exquisite ambiance may cost more to rent, but will need minimal decor, whereas a venue that is more “bare bones” and plain costs less, but you can end up spending more in decor to achieve the look you want.

Before you go venue-searching you’ll need to know the number of people you would like to invite (or at least a good estimate). This will help to calculate the cost, and you’ll avoid looking at venues that would be too small to accommodate all of your guests.

4. Create a Menu
Some couples find creating their wedding reception menu as one of the most challenging tasks. Others find it quick and easy.

Regardless of which one you fall under, there are still a few things to keep in mind. You probably know the tastes of your friends and family members, so you may want to consider offering an entree that is a known favorite. And be sure to see if any of them have any food allergies, preferences, or dietary needs. These days most caterers offer more vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, and other types of menus.

You will also have a wedding cake to design and order. It’s possible that you have a friend or family member who can help in its creation, or recommend you a company that will offer you a customized service.

5. Select Your Dress

9 Tips to Help You get Started With Your Wedding Plans - Wedding DressImage via Pexels

You might already have an idea about what you want to wear on your wedding. From simple white dresses to elegant lace combined with diamonds from diamantes certificados, there are many designs that suit your wedding budget and style.

Instead of roaming the shops, you can look for designs online and in magazines and create a shortlist of designers, dress styles, and elements of dresses that appeal to you. When you do visit wedding dress shops tell them your dress budget right from the start. But if you happen to fall in love with a wedding dress that you can’t afford, check with a local dress maker or seamstress to see if they can recreate the look for less, if you provide the materials.

6. Choose Your Bridesmaids
The bridesmaids you choose will be your helpers for organizing your wedding, so you have to make sure that you pick capable and reliable people.

Even if you already have somebody in mind, you’ll need to sit down with them and have a chat, to make sure they have enough time (and finances) to spend helping you with your wedding, and other pre-wedding events.

7. Get Crafty and Create Your Decorations

9 Tips to Help You get Started With Your Wedding Plans - Wedding RingsImage via Public Domain Pictures

You can personalize your wedding by creating your own decorations. Whether you want to have a few simple rosebuds on the table or go full in and get chair covers and silk drapes to cover the windows, you will need to get creative. Visit your local DIY store for inspiration. Use paper and other fabrics or decorative materials, and get custom printed napkins to make your wedding personal and unique.

8. Send Invitations
Once you have the venue and catering arranged, the theme and style of your wedding will have taken shape. A few months before your wedding, don’t forget to get invitations. You can create your own wedding invitations and design them to fit your wedding theme and style. Designing them yourself can save you a few hundred dollars, and your guests will remember your date by adding a personal touch.

When sending your invitations, make sure that you ask for RSVP confirmation. You can include a separate card for people to return to you, or include your email address or phone number at the bottom of the invitation for potential guests.

Alternatively, set up a simple website where you feature all the information about the wedding and allow people to contact you, including a section for them to RSVP and even leave a personal message.

9. Arrange Transportation
You want to make sure that you and your guests can get to and from your wedding venue easily. You might want to book a limousine or party bus, or appoint drivers if you want to save money.

While you are not obligated to provide transportation for your guests, giving them options, particularly if your wedding venue is a more remote locale, is a generous and well appreciated gesture. You might hire a bus for all your guests to be picked up. When you pick your transport company, ask them about their hourly rates, tell them of all pick-up and drop-off points.

So it’s time to get started with your plan. List all the main elements you will need and want (venue, dress, flowers, etc.), and decide which elements are the most important to you. Also list the small details you’ll have to take care of. Delegate some tasks to other people, and allow yourself time to think through the different options you will have. Carefully research venues, catering companies, and florists, and all other types of vendors, to make sure your big day will the fun day you’ve imagines since you were a little girl.

* This is a contributed post

I hope you found this information useful!

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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The 5 Love Languages and 25+ Love Language Ideas

When it comes to love languages (the way a person prefers to receive love and affection), people differ in how they receive and communicate their love to others. This is why it’s not unusual for someone to complain that their significant other doesn’t show them any affection or love – they’re miscommunicating it!

While some people prefer spending time just cuddling with one another on the couch, others may enjoy a handwritten note to show how much they care.

Doing something sweet for someone you care about can be meaningful, but sometimes it’s hard to realize that the way you say “I love you” might differ with what your significant other or child had in mind.

Our friends at FTD have put together a helpful guide on the five love languages (Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Receiving Gifts, and Quality Time), as well as 25+ love language ideas that you can use on yourself, a significant other or child.

5 Quotes about Love and Marriage

Try making your significant other breakfast in bed if they prefer acts of service, or writing your child a nice note if they enjoy words of affirmation. These and others can be found below, so you can find out what love language fits both you and your loved ones.

Helping with chores and other odd jobs speaks to someone who values ‘Acts of Service.’

Love Languages - Acts of Service

There’s nothing more meaningful than saying “I love you” to people whose love language is ‘Words of Affirmation.’

Love Languages - Words of Affirmation

Human contact is the ultimate form of communication for those whose love language is ‘Physical Touch.’

Love Languages - Physical Touch

People whose love language is ‘Receiving Gifts’ see a gift as a symbol of someone’s love and therefore crave thoughtful and meaningful presents.

Love Languages - Receiving Gifts

People who speak the ‘Quality Time’ love language want nothing more than your undivided attention.

Love Languages - Quality Time

A big Thank You to Alexandria Heinz and our friends at FTD for creating this wonderful infographic, and letting us share it.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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5 Tips For Getting Your Groom Ready For Your Wedding Day

[Groom’s Wedding Planning Tips]

5 Tips For Getting Your Groom Ready For Your Wedding Day - boutonniere on lapelhttps://www.pexels.com/photo/adult-boutonniere-celebration-ceremony-372176/

When it comes to wedding planning, it’s safe to say that you’re always going to have a lot going on. Even when you allow yourself plenty of time – years even, you can find that something will just creep up on you. And no matter how much time, attention, and effort you put into your wedding, there always seems to be something else to do. And even these days, a huge part of what needs to be done still seems to be focused toward the bride.

Because it’s your wedding day, you want to make sure that you look just right. But at the same time it’s his wedding too, so your husband-to-be looks needs to look the part too. Like some men (not all, but some) he may not really have a clue how to get himself ready for a wedding, particularly his wedding. And when you want him to look a certain way, you may need to help him keep on track.

Know Where His Stuff Is
It’s likely that you’re going to be picking out his suit and the rest of his attire with him, or at the very least have some input on what he and the men in the wedding party will be wearing. You’re definitely going to want to make sure it’s in line with your theme and color palette.

But when this is sorted, you’re not done. When you’ve got the suit for the groom and groomsmen, you then need to make sure you know where it is, and store it well until the big day. While you’re there, do the same with shirts, shoes, cufflinks, and everything else. You may even want to make sure he gives those shoes a fresh shine before the big day too, just in case.

Book A Hair Appointment
You can only hope that he will know this needs to be done himself, but you may just want to double check. First off, there’s the hair cut. Even if he’s never really fussed with his locks, now is the time to get them sorted – even a trim can freshen up his look. Book a hair appointment for the right time before the wedding, so he can sport a fresh cut. A few days before the wedding day is sufficient – you don’t want his hair cut to look too fresh.

5 Tips For Getting Your Groom Ready For Your Wedding Day - man in suit with bow tiehttps://www.pexels.com/photo/bow-tie-fashion-man-suit-136418/

Consider Extra Grooming Too
But that’s not all, he may need some extra grooming measures. You could look into beard grooming, a pedicure, and even a massage to help him relax. Why not make that a couples massage? A pre-wedding pamper could be what you both need right now.

Hold On To Those Rings
We know that traditionally the best man holds the rings on the big day, but this doesn’t mean you can’t hold onto them until the last minute. If you want to make sure they’re safe and keep them in your possession, go for it.

Keep Him Calm
As much as you may be stressing right now, he probably is too. If not stressing, he’s bound to be nervous at the very least. So try to stick together. Remember that you’re both in the same boat and try to enjoy the experience together, rather than turning on one another when times are tough.

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Hearts, Joy, Love!

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4 Amazingly Easy Tips For Your Vintage Wedding

If you’re the type of person who loves a bit of vintage, and you’re also a person that is currently planning their wedding, then why not combine the two and plan a vintage wedding? Doing so will make your wedding more memorable, as all vintage things do, for all those attend, while making your wedding the day you’ve always dreamed of.

So, if you’re thinking about going vintage with your wedding, and check out the advice below.

Planning a Vintage Wedding - vintage wedding decor
Image Source

Select Invitations That Set The Vintage Tone
Carry your theme through right from the beginning with your invitations so they’ll set the tone of your wedding. So, with a vintage theme, you’ll want to have vintage inspired invitations. It’s very easy to achieve this. You can get in touch with a professional stationery designer who deals with a multitude of styles, including pre-designed and bespoke, or you can DIY them. Check out the easy step-by-step instructions here.

Go Grace Kelly With Your Flowers
Is there anything more stylish and vintage than the Princess of Monaco herself, Grace Kelly? No, there isn’t, so you simply have to include an air of her in your wedding plans to help make it a vintage day to remember!

Why not create this air with your floral arrangement choices? You can do so by buying bouquets from https://camelbackflowershop.com that are inspired by and named after Grace Kelly herself, (or talk with your local florist if you are out of their delivery area). Your flowers will be stunning and unrivaled by any wedding flower arrangements you will ever see again, that much is for certain!

Opt For Lace Decorations
What is one constant with vintage decor? Lace! So turn to lace decorations for your ceremony (such as chair decor down the aisle) and reception (try table runners or embellishments on vases). Depending on your tastes, you can use it in abundance or just a bit here and there.

What is another constant with vintage decor? Pearls!

Classic pearls, whether used in centerpieces or draped over a pretty candelabra instantly give any wedding decor a vintage feel. Use long strings of pearls, a la the Roaring Twenties (one of the most classy and vintage time periods of them all)!

Use Rustic Signs As Ways Of Direction
Rustic, while not the same as vintage (“vintage” is more of an era, where “rustic” is more of a locale), can be vintage. If your version of vintage also embodies rustic, you can incorporate items such as hobnail vases in your centerpieces, farm tables, and wooden signage to help direct your guests from A to B. Make fun escort cards using skeleton keys attached to tags with the guest’s name and table number.

As you can see, vintage weddings are achievable, you just have to have an eye and attention for detail in order to achieve them. And, if you follow the advice above and achieve the vintage wedding you were hoping for then, who knows, you might even outdo HRH Prince Harry and Megan Markle!

* This is a contributed post

I hope you found this information useful!

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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