Jean's Top 10 Tips for Planning Your Wedding – Part 7

Wedding Planning Tips: Tip #7 – Little Details

7. Don’t worry about the little details at the onset of your wedding planning

After you first get engaged and start your wedding plans, at some point it’s going to hit you – “Oh My Gosh! I’ve got to pick out dresses, and select a menu, and send out invitations, and what kind of centerpieces should we get, and . . .”

Well, guess what? Unless you only have a few weeks to plan your big event, you don’t need to make any of these decisions yet.

Jean’s Top 10 Tips for Planning Your Wedding – Part 4

First off, take care of the “biggies.” Interview wedding professionals and find the ones who “get” you and understand your style. Then the perfect location, that great photographer, the phenomenal florist, and so on. But other than your giving them your deposits, you don’t need to tell them how you want the room laid out, what photos you must have, what entree to serve . . .

Now, after you’ve booked your key players, take time and have fun with the details.

Jean’s Top 10 Tips for Planning Your Wedding – Part 8

Go to bridal shows and flip through bridal magazines to get ideas and inspiration.

Keep a running list of songs that you want to hear, and what you don’t want to hear, and a list of photos that can’t be missed. When you think of a song you’d like to hear, or remember asomeone you’d like to have a photo of, jot it down.

It’s so much easier than than trying take care of this all in one afternoon or evening (usually right before your final appointment with your DJ or photographer), and less chance of forgetting something.

Pace yourself so you can enjoy yourself instead of turning this into a chore.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Have Fun With Your Wedding Shoes

red bridal shoes

Wedding shoes have come a long way from the plain dyables.

Remember those? The bride got hers in white, and her bridesmaids got the same style but dyed to exactly match their dresses.

Pumps, slingbacks, strappy, embellished with bows or rhinestones, or left unadorned. And who says they have to be white? Why not pick a beautiful pair in a color that coordinates with your color scheme?

There are so many options to what you can wear on your feet on your wedding day.

bride wearing chucks

Some of my past brides have worn:

  • Plaid Converse “Chucks”
  • Combat Boots
  • Royal Blue Peep Toe Pumps
  • Silver Gladiator Sandals
  • Cowboy Boots

bride's blue wedding shoes

Your shoes are accessories to your whole wedding ensemble. Their style and height should work with your wedding gown.

You’ve got style. Your gown has style. So why not your shoes?

Have fun with your shoes.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Yes, You Can – Tips for the Encore Bride

Are you an Encore Bride? If you are like many brides, this may not be your first wedding. So you’re probably wondering “what am I allowed to have at my wedding?”

Guess what? There’s good news. You can have your wedding any way you want!

This day is for you and your fiancé and the celebration of the love you have for each other. Don’t let anything in the past put a damper on the excitement of this new and wonderful relationship you share, or get in the way of having the celebration you really want.

With the minor exception of two things – a veil and orange blossoms, which both symbolize virginity – there is nothing you cannot have at your wedding. (And if you decide to have a veil or orange blossoms, the “wedding police” isn’t going to swoop down and stop you).

  • Yes, you can wear white – it is the color of celebration.
  • Your bridal party can be as large or as small as you want.
  • You can register for gifts.
  • If your attendants or someone else wants to throw a bridal shower for you, let them.
  • You can also have a bachelorette party.

Think about your previous wedding for a moment, and consider the following:

    1. Do you want to do everything in a new way?
    2. Did you feel overwhelmed by the size of your last ceremony?
    3. Did the style of your first wedding reflect your tastes, regardless of its outcome?
    4. Do you want to find a special role for your children?
    5. Are you still close to your in-laws, ex-spouse?
    6. Would you feel more comfortable with a civil ceremony?

Answering these questions honestly can help guide you in your wedding planning.

Don’t concern yourself with any party-poopers who are wondering why in the world you’re planning a wedding anyway. The love and commitment you and your fiancé have for each other deserves celebrating. Why not shout it from the roof tops with a dream wedding?

And if they don’t get it, then that’s their problem, not yours. And, most of all, have fun.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Bride's Q & A – Wedding Programs

Q – We’re not sure if we want to use programs at our ceremony. Are we required to have one?

A – There is no requirement or obligation to use a program for your wedding ceremony. Programs also make a wonderful, and relatively inexpensive, keepsake for your guests. The basic purpose of a program is to keep your guests informed. The simplest and most basic wedding program provides a list of all of the participants in your ceremony as well as an order of events for the ceremony itself. It is a lovely keepsake, and will help guide your guests through the ceremony.

However, you can get as detailed as you wish. Instead of merely including names of the members of the bridal party, also add their relationship to the bride and groom. Include titles and composers of the music being played, as well as any special poems or readings included in the ceremony. Also, explanations of any religious or cultural traditions during your ceremony, if these are unfamiliar to some of your guests is a thoughtful way to keep them informed and allow your guests to fully appreciate the ceremony.

The look of a wedding program can take many different forms, from a simple bi-fold or tri-fold, to something more elaborate such as an accordion fold or multi-page booklet. They can be circular or fan shaped.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Alternatives to the White Aisle Runner

Having a lovely white aisle runner for a wedding ceremony is a popular choice. The practice dates hundreds of years when brides were considered “royalty,” and as such were not expected to walk on the same ground at the “commoners.”

However, the traditional white aisle runner may not be your style.

Wedding Q & A – When Are Aisle Runners Used in a Wedding?

If you like the idea of an aisle runner, but don’t want white, there are other options. Many different colors, including pink, green, blue, gold, and silver are available, and are just about as affordable as the white ones. Or you can have one custom made with virtually any color, design or pattern you want, and can even be embellished with Swarovski crystals and ribbon borders.

But an aisle runner may not be your idea of ceremony décor, or your ceremony may take place outdoors where an aisle runner can be hazardous. There are still plenty of options to decorate your aisle if you wish.

  • Potted plants placed alongside the edge of the aisle
  • Pumpkins and gourds placed along the edge for a fall wedding
  • A thick bed or border of petals
  • Pine boughs or fake snow along the edge for a winter wedding
  • Fabric or ribbon swags on the pews or chairs along the aisle
  • Ivy garland swags on the pews or chairs along the aisle
  • Flowers or Floral pomanders
  • Small shepherds hooks with a lantern or candle holder
  • Seashells and sand along the edge for a beach theme

Stylish, Budget-Friendly Invitations

Are you looking for a wedding invitation that is stylish and fun, but still easy on the wallet? Well, you don’t have to settle for plain white cardstock to save money.

Weddings From The Heart now carries the “Bridal Collection – Value with Style” album. There’s no need to compromise style for price.

This collection is your one source for stylish invitations that express your style and personality while staying within your budget. These invitations are full of color, and feature a variety of classic and modern designs.

This album is full of Save-The-Date magnets and cards, invitation ensembles, photo invitations, Self-Mailers, and Seal ‘N Sends.

You’ll get your choice of lettering styles and imprint colors.

Save money without looking like you paid less.

Contact us to view this or any other invitation album we carry. Be sure to ask about our current specials.

Most orders are filled in 1-2 weeks from receipt of order.

Eclectic and fun – ingredients for a fun, memorable wedding

Congratulations to Leah and Mark who just got married last month. Their wedding was an amazing event – and featured several fun and unique elements.

After nearly 2 weeks of rain storms (even during the rehearsal!), it was a warm sunny Saturday afternoon. We couldn’t have planned for a more beautiful day. (Yes, the wedding weather gods were smiling down on us). The ceremony was outdoors, in front of a lovely pond. Small glasses of water and champagne were available for guests to sip on prior to, and during the ceremony.

Decor was simple, but lovely. A fabulous Martini luge ice sculpture graced the bar. The centerpieces were vases with goldfish (yep, real live gold fish). They looked adorable, and afterwards they all found new homes.

Dinner was certainly a treat. Instead of a typical buffet or plated meal, it was a Churrasco (pronounced shoo-RAS-koo) or Brazilian Barbecue. Servers were in gaucho attire, and brought out skewers of top sirloin and carved it directly onto each guests plate. But they weren’t done. They came back – with skewers of lamb, then pork loin, and bacon wrapped chicken. It was meat lover’s heaven. There were also skewers of roasted pineapple.

For dessert, instead of wedding cake, there were plates of flan, tres leches and an ice cream bar (from Ritters), complete with various toppings and fresh whipped cream.

Say Cheese provided a photo booth – which served as both a fun activity and memorable keepsake for each guest. And the bride and groom got to keep a copy of each photo, which guests mounted into a memory book and added their well wishes.

Several of the single ladies got to participate in the “charm cake,” a tradition that began during Victorian times. Single ladies were invited to come up and pull a ribbon and charm out of the cake. Each charm has a different meaning, such as a horseshoe means “Good luck will come your way” and wedding bells means “Next to marry.”

Of course I must give a big “shout out” to all of the other wonderful wedding professionals who worked so hard to make this a fabulous day for Leah and Mark.

Tim Fritts – Party Pleasers
Christina and Peggy – Images by Christina
Russ Finch and crew – Finch Rental
Cheryl (and family) – Beechwood Farm
Ice Sculptures by Ramon
Say Cheese Photo Booth
Cady – The Flowerman
German and Patsy of Rudy’s Churrascaria (formerly in Germantown)

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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