Alternatives to the White Aisle Runner

Having a lovely white aisle runner for a wedding ceremony is a popular choice. The practice dates hundreds of years when brides were considered “royalty,” and as such were not expected to walk on the same ground at the “commoners.”

However, the traditional white aisle runner may not be your style.

Wedding Q & A – When Are Aisle Runners Used in a Wedding?

If you like the idea of an aisle runner, but don’t want white, there are other options. Many different colors, including pink, green, blue, gold, and silver are available, and are just about as affordable as the white ones. Or you can have one custom made with virtually any color, design or pattern you want, and can even be embellished with Swarovski crystals and ribbon borders.

But an aisle runner may not be your idea of ceremony décor, or your ceremony may take place outdoors where an aisle runner can be hazardous. There are still plenty of options to decorate your aisle if you wish.

  • Potted plants placed alongside the edge of the aisle
  • Pumpkins and gourds placed along the edge for a fall wedding
  • A thick bed or border of petals

  • Pine boughs or fake snow along the edge for a winter wedding
  • Fabric or ribbon swags on the pews or chairs along the aisle
  • Ivy garland swags on the pews or chairs along the aisle
  • Flowers or Floral pomanders

  • Small shepherds hooks with a lantern or candle holder

  • Seashells and sand along the edge for a beach theme

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