To favor or not to favor . . .

Whenever a bride asks me what type of wedding favor to give her guests, my mantra is “edible is always good.”

Edible favors get used (who can resist a tasty treat?) instead of ending up in the back of a drawer, in the trash, or (worse yet) left sitting on the tables at the end of the evening. With edible favors your hard-spent money won’t go wasted.

So, what type of tasty treat to give?

M&Ms in your wedding colors are a popular choice.

But why stop at M&Ms? Ok, I’ve got nothing against M&Ms. They’re a personal fav, (I always keep a jar of them at home, and a little container on my desk). But so many couples do the M&Ms in a little organza bag, why not do something different? You’ve got so many other fun (and inexpensive) options!

You can try rock candy


saltwater taffy

Yummy candies presented in cellophane bags, clear or colorful boxes are a bit hit.

Does your wedding location or honeymoon destination bring to mind any type of candy or treat? Here in Ohio Buckeyes (a peanut butter and chocolate candy made to resemble the nut of a buckeye tree) are a popular choice.

Other candy types that are reminiscent of a specific locale are:

• French Dragees (aka Jordan Almonds) – France

• Cocoanut drops or Ginger Candy – Caribbean

• Maple candy – Vermont

• Leche Quemada (“Hard Milk Candy”) – Mexico

Google the phrase “wedding favor candy.” You’ll find all kinds of sources (and inspiration) for picking the perfect yummy treat for your wedding.