Top 5 Reasons to Meet a Bridal Consultant

Today’s blog is by Connie Ryan, owner of Enchanting Occasions, a full service event consulting company in Tucson, AZ. Thanks, Connie!

Are you planning your wedding yourself? Do you have questions and concerns but you aren’t sure who to ask or who will charge you to ask?

Here are 5 reasons why you should meet and work with a bridal consultant especially if you’re planning your wedding yourself:

1. Reduce Stress – Wedding planners and bridal consultants are equipped in both helping you deal with and alleviating the stress of planning your big day. With their experience and knowledge they can offer valuable tips and ideas to help keep you calm and feeling supported.

2. Stay Organized – One of the main assets of a wedding planner is they help you create a plan and execute that plan. Many have their own check list to help you work off of and prioritize what needs to be done first.

3. Provide Resources – It is the life of a bridal consultant to know how and who to contact all the vendors you’ll need for your wedding day. With endless tips and ideas, wedding planners and bridal consultants can help supply answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

4. Experience – Most people have only attended a few weddings. It is very different to attend versus plan and bring the event together. One thing to remember, when planning your own wedding, is you don’t want to have to worry if the DJ is set up and the decorations are perfect while you’re trying to relax and enjoy the day. Many venues have event coordinators you can rely on but an outside perspective who knows what you want and how everything should look can be a priceless asset.

5. Unbiased Opinion – When you announced your engagement did you notice everyone has their own opinion as to how you should plan everything? Family members and friends come out the woodwork to give you their ideas on how it should all come together. But it’s your day and you should be able to have the wedding of your dreams without worrying on who you’re going to offend by not taking their advice. This is one of the best moments to have a wedding planner, someone to say “no” for you, someone to give you an unbiased opinion and someone who has your best interest at heart.

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Children – To Invite or Not To Invite

children at a wedding receptionFiguring out your guest list can be stressful enough. Deciding whether to invite kids can add to the stress level. Do you want children at your wedding?

You may have already noticed this, but other people have their own ideas on what they believe to be the “right way” about planning a wedding – including inviting children – and aren’t shy about expressing these opinions.

First off – remember that this is YOUR wedding, and you can invite (or not invite) whomever you choose. There is no right or wrong here.

Second – don’t feel bad about choosing something that others may think is not the right choice. And don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it either – if the shoe were on the other foot, they wouldn’t want anyone telling them what they should or shouldn’t do.

Inviting Children

If children are on your guest list, remember that they are not small adults, and shouldn’t be expected to act that way. Kids perceive wedding receptions, and how to behave when attending one, very differently than adults.

Adults realize that there is a lot of sitting and watching involved in a wedding reception – not so much doing – at least until the party gets rolling. Kids are active, they want to do, they get bored sitting and watching.

Bride & Groom Q & A – When Guests RSVP More People Than Invited

I always say that if kids aren’t given something to do, they’ll find something to do – and it’s usually not what they should be doing. They will run around the cake table; run up and down the hallways; run in circles on the dance floor; run around the guests’ tables. (Really, they do a lot of running!) And even with mom and dad there, kids are often left unsupervised. (Sorry, but too many people DO NOT watch their own children while attending a wedding reception).

Give the kids something to do! Provide a scavenger hunt, age appropriate toys and activities at special “kids only” tables, a balloon artist – something they can enjoy, stay occupied, and be made to feel like part of the event.

Not Inviting Children
There are many valid reasons for not inviting children – perhaps your venue isn’t “kid friendly” – you know the kind that’s decorated with antiques or has a large pond on the premises; or maybe you really want your wedding day to be an adult-only event. Regardless of your reason, the fact that you chose to not invite children is your decision and it should be respected.

If anyone questions your “no kids” decision, (and there will be guests who just don’t understand why they can’t bring little Johnny or Suzie), explain it this way, “We want our guests to enjoy a night out without the kids, that way they can party, have some drinks, and actually eat their dinner without having to cut up somebody’s food.” And when they express their dilemma of what to do with little Johnny or Suzie, remember – that’s what babysitters are for!

This may be trickier for your out-of-town guests – but arrangements can be made. Hire a sitter, get a local hotel room or a conference room at the reception venue, and parents can drop off their little ones on their way to the party.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Especially For The Groom

Guys, you may have been led to believe that the wedding day is “all about the bride.”

Well, guess what? It’s Your Day Too!

So to help you in your quest for wedding planning information that you can use I’ve put together a couple lists.

Happy Planning!

Websites especially for the groom

The Groom Guide
The Man Registry
Groom 411
The Grooms List
Groom Groove
Groom Power
The Alpha Groom
Groom’s Guide Wedding Planning
The Plunge

Books especially for the groom

The Everything Groom Book: A survival guide for men! By Shelly Hagen
Groomology: What Every (Smart) Groom Needs To Know Before The Wedding by Michael Essany
The Engaged Groom: You’re Getting Married by Doug Gordon
The Groom’s Guide: A Wedding Planner For Today’s Marrying Man by Sharon Naylor

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Meet the Pros – Interview with Mobile Mommies LLC





Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

My name is Janel Northington Williams. I am a mom of two teenage boys, I work full-time as a teacher and I own Mobile Mommies LLC event childcare service.

How did you get into event childcare?

When my children were younger, I was a single mom. Oftentimes, I would get invited to an after work event but I needed a babysitter for my boys. Both of my boys are on the Autism spectrum and babysitters were hard to come by. Not wanting to decline the invitations, I would have to bring my boys along but they would not sit still and it was very unnerving. I also noticed other moms would bring their children to the event and the kids would run around and cause a scene. My frustration with the situation had reached my limit so I decided to do something about the problem. From that point, I designed Mobile Mommies LLC to be an on-site childcare service to fit the needs of all parents who attend special events.

Describe your service/product you provide and how are you different from the rest.

Mobile Mommies is a non-traditional childcare service in that we provide childcare at the location of special events such as weddings, receptions and corporate parties. We bring the childcare to you! We don’t provide weekly in-home childcare. We don’t have a bunch of teenagers that show up at your house and text all night while they are supposed to be babysitting. We are professional, certified, licensed childcare providers with skills to care for children ages infant to 12yrs old including those with special needs. We travel to all locations in Ohio. Our rates are affordable and our service is exemplary. Daycare centers don’t do what we do.

Describe your style/approach.

We custom design childcare solutions for brides and event planners. In a typical childcare situation, the parents would have to invite a babysitter into their home, leave the child and drive for miles to attend an event. Some parents are not comfortable with that. We make childcare much easier and safer because we allow parents to bring their children to the location of the event, provide us with a cell phone number to reach them and we care for the children only steps away from the parents. If a parent has any concern about their child, they can easily and quickly come to the childcare room and see their child.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of the job is describing our services to clients who never heard of what we do and then they get excited about having us on-site. They tell us how glad they are we exist, book our services and they can relax because now they don’t want to worry about what to do with the kids.

What is your favorite venue and why?

My favorite venue is one that has easy access to a separate room away from the main adult area. We work best in places that have tables, chairs, adequate lighting, adequate space, power outlets and helpful staff members on-site.

If you could provide childcare for any celebrity wedding (past, present or future), who would be the lucky couple?

I would really like to provide childcare for Kanye and Kim Kardashian at their wedding. If they have one! It would be interesting to care for their child and the other celebrity kiddies on the guest list. Maybe they will fly us out to California! Jean you can come along too!

What is the most unusual request you’ve had?

An elderly gentleman who owns a transportations business and I were talking at a networking event. He asked me if I would provide babysitting for him. I asked if he was planning an event and wanted us to provide on-site childcare. He said no to both. He then said “I want you to babysit me.”

I wasn’t quite sure what he meant by his unusual comment but I respectfully declined.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to others?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to be very thoughtful about who I share sensitive information with about my business. There are lots of people who are so enamored by my business concept that they use unethical practices to try and find out how I run it so they can duplicate our services. I am very cautious of who I trust, who I tell information to and allow to work with me.

Anything else you want to share with us?

I want to say that Jean Neuhart is one of the very first people in the wedding/event planning industry that I came in contact with over 4 years ago. She talked with me and encouraged me to pursue my business. She took a chance on me and invited Mobile Mommies to a bridal luncheon in Beavercreek where we set up childcare. Even though we didn’t have any children show up in our room, she believed in my company and believed in me. I will always be grateful to Jean. She is a true professional!

How should brides interested in childcare for their weddings get in touch with you?

Brides can contact me through Jean or by viewing our website at We provide a 10% off services discount for brides that utilize Jean as their wedding planner. Emails can be sent to Phone number is 937-520-5758.

Bride & Groom Q&A – RSVPs

Free Clipart Picture of a Fuschia Question Mark Outlined in Black. Click Here to Get Free Images at Clipart

Q – Some people just don’t RSVP to our wedding invitation. Is there a magic formula for the best guess of these non-RSVP people that will actually show up?

A – Getting RSVPs back is a BIG problem. Even when providing a pre-addressed and pre-stamped card, where all they have to do is check either “yes” or “no” and drop it in a mailbox, people just aren’t in the habit of giving a proper response.

Are You Coming? – What to Do When Your Guests Don’t RSVP

So, how to figure out the actual number of who is coming? First of all, never guess – you don’t want to give your caterer a head count that ends up too low (and you end up with not enough food and drinks and seating – making you look bad, when it’s not your fault that they didn’t let you know that they were coming) or too high (and ending up with more food and centerpieces and linens than you really need – and having to pay for those extras to boot).

I always recommend that the day after “Please Reply Date” have someone call those who haven’t responded. I’ve even made these calls for brides. It’s a simple “we’re looking forward to celebrating with you. Will you be able to make it?” Get a definite yes or no – no maybes.

Bride & Groom Q & A – When Guests RSVP More People Than Invited

Don’t feel bad about calling people who haven’t responded. So much depends on how many people will be there – food, drink, tables, chairs, centerpieces. . . you need an accurate number.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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