4 Wedding Trends That Leave Many (Maybe Even You) Wondering “Why?”

trash the dress Wedding trends are often fun, unique ideas that many find to be interesting and inspirational. Then again, there are some that often leave many just scratching their heads.

Let’s take a look at a few of these wedding trends:

1. Trashing the dress
Trashing the dress, according to Wikipedia, is “is a style of wedding photography that contrasts elegant clothing with an environment in which it is out of place.” But it goes beyond just a contrast between the locale and the elegant gown, but encourages the destruction of the garment by having a paint fight, rolling around in mud, diving into the ocean, even setting the gown on fire.

The result is often some amazing photos, but can cause some serious safety issues. A bride in Canada drowned during her trash the dress session.

So, how far is too far?

Expressing the 2017 Color Trends in Your Spring Wedding Style

2. Bridesmaids wearing white dresses
Wedding traditions aren’t followed as they once were. Some couples don’t do the traditional bouquet or garter toss, others forgo the traditional wedding cake. But one tradition that has held on is that no one, except for the bride, of course, is allowed to wear white.

But, thanks to Pippa Middleton, that tradition is is being pushed aside. After she wore that Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen white dress, we’re seeing more bridesmaids in white (or light neutrals like ecru or eggshell).

pippa middleton wearing white at the royal wedding 3. Dressed up wedding pets
Having your pet attend the wedding is one thing, but some couples are even giving them entire outfits too! You have to admit this pup is pretty cute, but are you over the dressed up dog?

bulldog in tux at wedding So, are dogs dressed in entire outfits of suits and gowns cute, or just silly?

4. Excessively Photoshopped wedding photos
Photoshop, or similar software, can be a photographers dream. They can adjust the brightness, turn a color photo into black and white, and easily make other enhancements to their photos.

But is too much a bad thing?

tyrannosaurus rex wedding photo by quinn miller

The original photo by Quinn Miller of the entire bridal party being chased down by a T-Rex was pretty funny.

But we’re now seeing other versions with bridal parties being chased by such threats as more T-Rexes, AT-ATs (the armored walkers seen in Return of the Jedi for those of you who don’t speak Star Wars), chased by Decepticons (from the Transformers movies), and (my favorite) the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.

So, funny and creative? Or just too much?

What do you think of these wedding trends? Are you planning on doing something? What others have you seen? Let me know. I’d love to hear about them.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Photo credits:
Trash the dress – Faith K Lefever via photopin cc
Pippa Middleton – Scorpions and Centaurs via photopin cc
Bulldog in tuxedo – bettyx1138 via photopin cc
T. Rex – Quinn Miller

Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day. This worldwide event, first celebrated in 1970, shows support for environmental protection and action to save our planet.

In honor of this day, here are some easy wedding ideas:

Limit the number of glasses used by your guests
It takes water and other resources to wash glasses to keep them available for your guests. Save these precious resources by having each guest only use one glass. Put a sign at the bar so your guests will know to hold on to their glass, and put a cute little tag for guests to write their names on it so they can identify their glass throughout the evening.


Give edible favors
When it comes to favors most wedding planners and wedding guests will agree that edible is best. While personalized coasters or bottle openers or some other little tchotchkes are fun and creative, the type of favor that will actually be used by your guests are the kind that they can eat.

photo credit: Regal Ribbons via photopin cc

Repurpose “Trash” into beautiful wedding decor
The old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” certainly holds true for wedding decorations and accessories.

– Turn old light bulbs into hanging flower containers

– Instead of using flowers, create a bouquet out of buttons






– Flowers or other decor can be made from pages of old books







photo credit: donovanbeeson via photopin cc

– Paint old food cans and use as vases

Instead of favors, make a donation to the Carbon Fund
CarbonFund.org has many projects, including Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency & Carbon Credits, and Reforestation projects.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Real Wedding by Weddings From The Heart Christy and Ryan

Real Wedding – Christy and Ryan

bride & groom at Troy Hayner Cultural Center

Happy Anniversary to Christy and Ryan who recently celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary!

bride & her father at wedding ceremony

Spring was definitely in the air! After exchanging wedding vows at Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church, they celebrated with dinner and dancing at the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center.

Dozens of vases of beautiful yellow and white daffodils lining the tables, stairway, and windowsills.

daffodils on steps

daffodils on reception tables

Family members provided the delicious wedding cake and other yummy desserts including pies, cookies, and baklava.

wedding cake

Here’s one of my photos (proof that I’ll NEVER be a photographer!) of the dessert display.

wedding desserts display

bouquet toss

Our Vendor Team:
Ceremony Site – Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Reception – Troy-Hayner Cultural Center
Hair & Make-up – Broadway Salon
DJ – Marc Adams In Reality DJ
Caterer – Grecian Delight
Photographer – Alexa Fogle Alexa Marie Photography
Transportation – Odyssey Premiere Limo

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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