iPods vs. DJs

ipods vs djs at a wedding reception

Lately, I’ve been seeing so many different articles and comments on wedding forums online about the benefits of using an iPod vs. hiring a real DJ for your wedding reception. Been seeing this a lot. Some say using an iPod is cheaper than having a DJ. Here’s what you need to know about iPods vs DJs.

ipods vs djs at a wedding reception

This is true, but beware of the “hidden” costs associated with using an iPod for your party.

For example, one important thing to consider – Music that you usually listen to by yourself, or maybe with a few other people around (like how most folks listen to their iPods) will be hard to hear in a room full of a hundred or so wedding guests.

So you may have to rent speakers, cables and other equipment necessary to get the sound you want.

This is probably still cheaper than a DJ, but it’s definitely more expense involved than originally thought.

The other benefits of an iPod vs a DJ is . . . Well, I really can’t think of any.

Choosing Wedding Songs That Tell Your Love Story

Some will say having an iPod lets you choose the songs you want to hear – you get to create your own playlist. Well, guess what? A professional DJ will play the songs YOU want to hear (and not play what you don’t want to hear).

And, while hearing the songs you’ve chosen, a professional DJ will:

    • play specified songs at key moments – like your grand entrance or your first dance. An iPod can only play what has been programmed in, regardless of what is happening. Sure, you can have a friend watching over the iPod for those special songs, but there will be an obvious stop and start to the festivities. It won’t have a smooth flow as there will be with a DJ.
    • make announcements at appropriate times. Oops, iPods can’t talk.
    • keep the music playing, so there is no “dead air.” You certainly don’t want to have silence when there should be music playing. True, iPods generally don’t have “dead air” either, but if a pause is accidently programmed in, or it comes to the end of a group of songs, an iPod won’t know to keep going.
    • change up the music as needed. Let’s say your party’s in full swing, and everyone is having a great time on the dance floor. To give folks a breather, your DJ plays a slow song (from your chosen list of songs). Most guests will welcome the slower pace, & those who prefer slow songs will get on the floor. However, if everyone clears out and there’s just an empty floor, your DJ will skip past the next slow song on the list and get back to the up-tempo fun your guests enjoy. Again, an iPod can only play what has been programmed in. So if you’ve got two or three slow songs cued up, and your dance floor is empty, the floor will remain empty as those songs are played, unless you get someone to stop what they’re doing, come over to the iPod unit, and fiddle around, pressing buttons until the faster songs are back on.

So, when is an iPod an ideal choice for music? If you want background music only, say for the cocktail hour or for a reception that won’t have any dancing – an iPod will work nicely.

Anything else will be better off with the human element who is not just a “button pusher” but has the experience to play certain songs at their designated times, keep a variety of music going so guests are happy and enjoying the party, and keep the flow and transitions between the different portions of the evening seamless and smooth.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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DJ photo credit: Pattoli via photopin cc

Bride & Groom Q&A: How Much Time to Spend With Each Wedding Guest?

Q. I’m worried that we won’t have enough time to socialize with all of our guests at the reception, but still have fun too. My fiance and I want to be able to enjoy ourselves, have fun and dance. But we also know that we need to mingle and talk with all our guests too. Any suggestions?

A. Greeting and visiting with your guests at the reception is a wonderful way to show your appreciation to them for coming to your wedding and sharing this special time with you. But with a large number of people involved (according to The Knot, the average number of wedding guests was 138), you don’t want to get caught in “meet and greet” mode and miss out on the party.

So, this is the perfect time to divide and conquer, so to speak.

A few things to ask yourself are:

Who is going to be at your rehearsal dinner? You’ll get a good chance to visit with them at that time, so you won’t need to spend as much time doing so on your wedding day.

Who do you absolutely HAVE to socialize with? These would be the most important people to you – your parents, your grandparents. Also elderly guests who probably won’t be on the dance floor, and other guests who you don’t see very often, especially if they’ve traveled a good ways to come to your wedding.

Who’s going to be partying on the dance floor with you and who won’t?

Plan ahead so that at some point, you’ll have a chance to speak with everyone who took the time to celebrate with you, and still get to enjoy the party.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline

We know that planning a wedding can seem overwhelming.

Here is a fun infographic timeline created by Kim Ruha of Memories by Design. It is designed to help you keep track of those time sensitive wedding planning details.
































Thanks again to Memories by Design.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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International Wedding Customs

I Love You in different languages

photo credit: © bunyos – Fotolia.com

Every culture has it’s own customs and traditions for celebrating a wedding. Here are a few international wedding customs:

mehndi hindu wedding

photo credit: Henna Sooq via photopin cc

In India traditional Hindu weddings include the Mehndi, a pre-ceremony celebration held the night before, or even a few days before the wedding day. The mehndi artist applies intricate mehndi, or henna, designs to the bride’s hands and feet. Often the groom’s name or initials is hidden in the design.

Korovai Ukraine Wedding Cake

photo credit: chiolachic via photopin cc

In Ukraine, instead of a wedding cake, they have a special bread, called the korovai, made by the two families to signify their new connection.

International Wedding Customs

Japanese Shinto Ceremony

photo credit: eleven 11 via photopin cc

In Japan, during a traditional Shinto ceremony, the couple each takes sips of sake from three cups. This symbolizes their dedication to each other.

Norway Silver Wedding Crowns

photo credit: Trondheim Byarkiv via photopin cc

In Norway, the bride wears a silver crown with crescent shaped bangles dangling from it. Their clanking fends off evil spirits that are known to attack newlyweds.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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10 Easy Ways to Really Enjoy Your Wedding (From Planning to the Big Day Itself!)

Happy Bride & Groom photo credit: randomdirectory via photopin cc

1. Take Your Time
You’ve got a lot to do, so give yourself plenty of time for planning. 12 –18 months is ideal. Having extra time helps keep stress levels down AND give you more time to search for and save money for the things you really want.

2. Be Present In Each Moment
One of the biggest complaints couples have after their wedding day is that it went by so fast that it’s all just a big blur.

So, during the planning, especially the fun parts like food tastings and music selections, and absolutely on your wedding day – step back and just soak it all in. You’re making these wonderful memories, so be sure to take a moment to really experience it.

Happy Brides photo credit: kristaguenin via photopin cc

3. Do A First Look
Many couples look forward to the first moment when they first see each other. There’s nothing that compares to that emotional experience. But doing a “first look” instead of waiting to see each other during the ceremony processional does not diminish that flood of emotion. And it can be even more special since you have the opportunity to have a special moment – just the two of you – and really have the time to let the moment sink in.

4. Don’t Get Caught Up In “Perfection”
Real life isn’t perfect, and beware of anyone who promises that they can make everything perfect. Sorry to be blunt but they’re lying, or delusional. It just isn’t humanly possible.

Instead, relax and appreciate the little moments of your wedding day

Happy Grooms photo credit: erin m via photopin cc

5. Share Something Personal And Unique With Your Guests
There is no one right way to do a wedding. Which is wonderful, because it gives you so many options to create a wedding day that really represents the two of you. Special poetry for our ceremony readings. Including family customs. Playing Grandma’s favorite hymn. Having your caterer recreate a favorite family dish.

Sharing something personal and special adds to the emotional enjoyment for everyone in the room. Not to mention all those wonderful photos and video you’ll have that has captured this personal-ness.

Wedding Planning Q & A What's So Difficult About Planning a Wedding?

6. Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize
There are just too many details that go into a wedding to be able to put the same level of importance on each one – you’ll just end up driving yourself (and everyone around you) crazy!

Make a list of all the things that you will have in your wedding – the music, the cake, the flowers, and rate them by order of importance. What’s more important to you, a delicious cake or awesome flowers? Fabulous food or a killer gown? Get your fiancé’s input as well. It’s his wedding too!

Ideally, you may “want it all” but unless you’ve got the pocketbook of a Rockefeller, you’ll need to make some compromises. Choose the top 3 or 4 things that are most important to you and your fiancé, and concentrate most on them.

Happy Bride & Groom photo credit: Nathan Congleton via photopin cc

7. Accept That You Can’t Please Everyone
At no other time in your life will so many people offer up their opinions, advice, and thoughts about what you “should” do for your wedding. Some may sound good, some will seem silly, and others will make absolutely no sense for you and your fiancé at all.

Avoid the head spin by understanding that you cannot please everyone! And guess what? It’s absolutely OK! This is the one day in your lives where the only people you have to please are you and your fiancé, and absolutely no one else.

8. Remember why you’re planning this wedding
It’s not just because of one day, but for all the following days that you will be blessed to spend with the love of your life. Remember to schedule some regular ‘non-wedding’ activities by yourself and with friends. Remember to pamper yourself – put on some relaxing music & soak in the tub. Schedule regular dates with your fiancé – but do not talk about the wedding. And most important, have fun!

9. Eat!
I know you’re going to be excited, and probably not have much of an appetite, but . . .

Take the time to eat on the day of your wedding. Have breakfast, a bagel and cream cheese, maybe some fruit. And if your ceremony start time is late enough, eat lunch.

You’ll be on your feet and on the go for several hours before dinner time. Make sure you keep your body properly fueled. You don’t want make yourself worn out and hungry – or worse yet, pass out from lack of food.

10. Hire A Day-Of Coordinator
You’ve put so much time and effort working on your wedding plans before the big day – You (as well as your wedding party and your mom) shouldn’t have to work ON the day itself. Having a day-of coordinator allows you to be able to actually be able to relax and enjoy your wedding day.

I tell my couples that their job is to look gorgeous and enjoy the day. My job is to make sure that everything goes smoothly and just they way they’ve planned it to be.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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