Real Wedding by Weddings From The Heart Cortnie & Zach video sneak peek by Justin Morter

Real Wedding – Cortnie & Zach

Cortnie and Zach's Rustic Barn Wedding

outdoor wedding ceremony Canopy Creek Farm Dayton, Ohio

Cortnie & Zach’s gorgeous wedding was held at the beautiful Canopy Creek Farm in Miamisburg, Ohio. Following their ceremony in the woods, their rustic wedding reception in their country chic barn.

This fun sneak peek video by Justin Morter highlights their September wedding. I loved the romantic details that Cortnie came up with for their vintage/woodsy theme.


Hearts, Joy, Love!

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video credit: Justin Morter
photo credit: Zac Fisher


Why? - What to ask your wedding vendors photo credit: Ksayer1 via photopin cc

Bridal show season is coming up, and many newly engaged couples will be talking with potential photographers, djs, florists, and other wedding vendors.

They’ll get a chance to see samples of the vendors’ work, and, as savvy shoppers, they’ll no doubt have a list of questions they’ll want to ask the vendors.

Some of the most common (and very important!) questions to ask wedding vendors are:

  • How much do you charge?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Have you worked at my wedding venue?
  • Do you have references?
  • What type of equipment do you use?
  • Are your packages customizable?

Yes, these are definitely things you will want to know.

But there is one question that is rarely asked, and it may be one of the most important of all questions to ask wedding vendors, something you will want to know.


No, not why will you want to know . . .

Ask the vendors why they do what they do.

Is it for the creative outlet? The love of music/food/flowers? The joy of fulfilling someone’s dreams?

Or is it for a little extra cash?

Ok, they’re probably not going to tell a bride or groom that they’re in it for the extra money (at least I hope they wouldn’t). But you never know. While speaking with a vendor I had never met before, he told me that he and his business partner do it to make some extra money.

Now I realize that there are many people in the wedding world who work other jobs, and their wedding biz isn’t their main source of income. But their #1 reason isn’t for the extra $.

Instead, they do what they do because it’s something they enjoy, they’ve been around photography or music or baking their whole lives, it’s a passion . . .

But first and foremost it isn’t the money.

Watch their faces and eyes when they answer “why?”.

Do their eyes light up? Are they more animated?

People who love what they do tend to be more committed. They invest in themselves through continued training/education. They keep their equipment well maintained and updated. They are interested in “what’s new – what’s the latest” because they don’t want to be doing the same-old-same-old. They network with other wedding professionals. They are excited about what they do.

People who love what they do will ultimately do a better job. Compare that to those who don’t love what they do, and are “just in it for the money.” It’s so sad, and very obvious, when on the wedding day a vendor isn’t loving what they’re doing, only wants to put in their time, and really does not want to be there.

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your wedding day. You owe it to yourself (and your fiancé) to choose vendors who will be invested in you.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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While Planning Your Wedding, Sometimes More Isn’t Necessarily a Good Thing

AND - Why "more" isn't always a good thing Here’s a quick wedding planning tip –

While we’re talking about words to watch out for . . .

Let’s take a moment and think about the word “And.”

Such a small, innocent looking word. When used, it usually means something positive. (You mean I get cake AND ice cream?)

However, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing – particularly when it comes to wedding planning and the services that are offered.

Think of it this way. You hire someone to provide a particular service (say a photographer or baker) because that is the area of their expertise. (Ok, I know there are also many more reasons than just this, but this reason is a biggie).

It’s when they start throwing in the “ands” that you can run into problems.

For example, I offer wedding planning/coordination. Do I offer wedding planning/coordination and wedding cakes? Um, no.

How about ‘and florals’? Nope.

What about ‘and rentals’? No, not that either.

Now I do offer assistance in finding the right baker, florist, and rental company for you that fits your budget and unique style and can help in figuring out what you need, putting together your order, etc.

Wedding Planning Do’s and Don’ts

But my company does not provide those services.

Why? Simple.

My area of expertise is in wedding planning and coordination. The people/companies that I refer to provide your wedding cake, your flowers, and all the other items/services you will need for your wedding day are experts in their field. I can’t arrange flowers if my life depended on it. (But I can fix a boutonniere or make a simple toss bouquet in a pinch!) Also, I can bake a tasty cake, but it wouldn’t be pretty. Not to mention that I’m not licensed to be a home bakery.

Also, typically we’re only given a limited amount of time in which to provide these services (some venues only allow for a 2 hour window before the start of the event for set-up!). Until they legalize human cloning, there just isn’t time to be trying to provide 2 (or 3) different services at the same time.

What do you often get when you hire someone who isn’t experienced, or doesn’t really have enough time to get the job done right? A big mess.

Ok, some of you may be thinking, “well, you can hire extra help to get it all done.” True enough.

But . . . this goes back to our reason (that’s a biggie) for hiring someone. They’d just be an extra pair of hands, instead of being an expert in what they are doing. Or if they are an expert, why (as a conscientious wedding planner) didn’t I recommend that you hire them in the first place?

Of course, there are exceptions. Not everyone offers multiple types of services does so poorly.

But you need to be aware, and ask questions, so you know that what you are wanting, and what they are claiming are the same thing.

Yeah, it’s convenient to have easy access to something else that’s wanted or needed.

Then again, sometimes it’s better to go that extra mile to find that right piece.

This brings to mind the old adage, “Jack of All Trades, Master of None.”

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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