Flower Talk – The Language (and Meaning) of Flowers

The meaning of flowers - iris (passion)

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The meaning of flowers - Bridal bouquet of white roses (purity & innocence) and orange roses (passion)Photo credit: Photography by Faye Sommer

Flowers (or some type of flora, at least) have been a part of wedding celebrations for as long as we have recorded history.

Early Greek and Roman brides carried garlic, herbs, or spices to ward against evil spirits. The bride and groom also wore garlands of fresh herbs or ivy in their hair or around their necks, to symbolize new life, hope and fertility for the couple. Celtic brides carried bouquets of ivy, thistle and heather.

No one is quite sure when garlands evolved into hand held bouquets, but by the time Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, fresh, and fragrant, flowers were carried instead of the smelly herbs and spices. Favorite flowers change over the years but over time, certain flowers have assumed a coded identity. In Victorian times (mid to late 1800s) flowers held messages for those who knew the “code”.

If you want to convey a message with your wedding flowers, here are some popular wedding flowers and their meanings:

Baby’s Breath – Everlasting love

The meaning of flowers - baby's breath (everlasting love)photo credit: Free to use texture/background via photopin cc

Calla Lily – Magnificent Beauty

The meaning of flowers - calla lily (magnificent beauty)photo credit: Calla (Zantedeschia aethiopica) via photopin cc

Carnation – Devotion, Women’s Love (pink), Pure Love (white)

Carnation - Devotion, Women's Love (pink), Pure Love (white) photo credit: Carnation via via photopin cc

Daisy – Innocence

The meaning of flowers - daisy (innocence)photo credit: Cape daisies via photopin cc

Forget-Me-Not – Remember Me

The meaning of flowers - forget-me-not (remember me)photo credit: unforgettable via photopin cc

Gardenia – Secret Love

The meaning of flowers - gardenia (secret love)photo credit: Gardenia Blossom via photopin cc

Iris – Passion

The meaning of flowers - iris (passion)photo credit: MAC_4216 via photopin cc

Alternatives to a Floral Wedding Bouquet

Lily of the Valley – Happiness

The meaning of flowers - lily-of-the-valley (happiness)photo credit: Convallaria majalis (lily of the valley, cultivar) via photopin cc

Orchid – Love and Beauty

photo credit: Exposición de Orquídeas, Caracas 20Jul2014 via photopin cc

Peony – Happy Marriage

The meaning of flowers - peony (happy marriage)photo credit: IMG_0804 via via photopin cc

Red Rose – Be Mine and I Love You

The meaning of flowers - red rose (be mine and I love you)photo credit: Christmas Rose via photopin cc

Yellow Rose – Friendship and Caring

The meaning of flowers - yellow rose (friendship and caring)photo credit: Roses are yellow II via photopin cc

Pink Rose – Admiration, Joy and Gratitude

The meaning of flowers - pink rose (admiration, joy and gratitude)photo credit: Rose laser via photopin cc

Purple Rose – Love at First Sight

The meaning of flowers - purple rose (love at first sight)photo credit: Purple Rose via photopin cc

Oh, and the bridal bouquet at the top? It means Purity and Innocence (the White Roses), and Passion (the Orange Roses).

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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