5 Reasons You Need a Wedding Planner


Getting married is exciting! However, planning the umpteen details for your special day can be stressful and overwhelming. A wedding planner can alleviate a lot of stress, and when chosen wisely is worth every penny.

Best for Bride, Hamilton’s premier bridal chain and wedding services provider, suggests five reasons why newly engaged couples should consider hiring the services of a professional wedding planner.

  1. Wedding planning involves lot of work

From choosing vendors to booking the venue and bringing together all the details of your wedding day, wedding planning is lot of work. Couples often do not realize the amount of effort and time they have to put in, till they begin handling these tasks. It quickly becomes stressful, especially if both partners are pressed for time. With a wedding planner, all your plans will progress in an organized fashion without much worry.

2. A wedding planner knows what to do

Unlike couples who usually plan a big event like this for the first time, wedding planners know how to handle wedding planning efficiently. With their previous experience, they have no trouble keeping track of deadlines and doing things at the right time. Hence, it is unlikely that anything will be missed. A professional wedding planner will help you realize your wedding vision in the best possible way by finding options that work within your budget.

3. You deserve to enjoy your engagement

Whether your engagement is long or short, you deserve to enjoy this romantic capsule of time. However, wedding planning can take over your life and you may end up with little to no time to enjoy your relationship. A wedding planner will attend to all these plans on your behalf, leaving you enough time to enjoy and take care of yourself.

4. Wedding planners make vendor choices easier

Vendor selection is an important, but challenging. Not only does it take time to research, shortlist and interview vendors, you have little guarantee on whether they will deliver as promised. Wedding planners can recommend suppliers who they’ve worked with before or have seen in action. They can also research and shortlist new vendors. Additionally, they do a good job at negotiating rates and discussing requirements. This makes the entire task a lot easier for you.

5. They fix things that go wrong

With the amount of details and number of people involved, the likelihood of something going wrong is very high. When issues crop up closer to the wedding day, you will end up feeling frantic and worried. Wedding planners are the best people to handle potential issues efficiently. With an organized approach, they ensure everything is under control; timely follow ups are done, payments are made on schedule, logistics are considered and details are managed. Despite this, if an issue arises they usually have a Plan B, so everything progresses without a hitch.
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What Makes a Wedding Semi Formal or Informal?

semi-formal wedding, informal wedding, formality of a weddingHere are the traditional guidelines for what defines a semiformal and an informal wedding. As with the term “formal,” knowing the guidelines can help you when making other planning decisions.

Traditional Guidelines for a Semi-Formal Wedding

  • The ceremony is held in a church, synagogue, private home or outdoors
  • The reception is held at the ceremony location, or a club, garden, restaurant, hotel or home
  • There are fewer than 100 guests
  • Invitations are printed with traditional or personalized wording
  • The bride will wear a floor-length or cocktail-length gown with a veil or hat
  • The groom will wear a tuxedo or suit and tie, and his attendants will match
  • Bride and groom each have between one and three attendants
  • Bridesmaids wear matching gowns the same length as the bride
  • Guests wear evening or business dress
  • Reception meal can be anything from a sit-down dinner to buffet or light refreshments
  • Live music or disc jockey
  • Modest or scaled- down floral arrangements and event design

Traditional Guidelines for an Informal Wedding

  • Daytime ceremonies are held at a home, community center, hotel or in judge’s chambers
  • Fewer than 50 guests
  • Printed or hand-written invitations with personalized wording
  • The bride wears a simple gown, suit or cocktail-length dress with no veil or train
  • The groom wears a dark business suit and tie
  • Bride and groom each have one attendant
  • Maid of honor wears a street-length dress and best man wears a suit and tie
  • Reception is held at a home, ceremony site, or a restaurant
  • A simple meal or light refreshments are served
  • Floral designs are simple and understated

Keep in mind that it is perfectly acceptable to combine these guidelines. Create an event that is unique to you by picking and choosing from the different levels of formality to create a wedding that truly reflects you.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Photo credit: Zac Fisher Photography

What Makes a Wedding Formal?

formal wedding, formality of a wedding

Many engaged couples wonder what defines a formal wedding, as well as one that is semi-formal or informal. They often ask “what does it mean that the wedding is formal?” Ok. I know that’s not the answer most couples are looking for.

Of course there is a difference between formal, semi-formal, and informal. But with today’s weddings being more personalized and unique to each couple, there is less strict following of the “rules” and more picking and choosing elements that hold meaning and represent the couple.

With that in mind, below are the traditional guidelines and criteria that have long been used to define what makes a wedding “Formal.”

Traditional Guidelines for a Formal Wedding

  • The ceremony is held in a church, synagogue, or luxury hotel
  • The reception is held in a luxury hotel, private club or private estate
  • There are 100 or more guests
  • Invitations are engraved with traditional wording
  • The bride wears a floor-length gown with a chapel-length or sweeping train
  • The bride’s veil is at least fingertip length
  • The bride may wear gloves
  • The groom wears a cutaway (before 6 pm) or white tie and tails (after 6 pm)
  • Female attendants wear floor-length gowns
  • Male attendants wear matching cutaways or tails
  • Guests wear formal attire or evening wear
  • The reception features a sit-down dinner
  • There is live entertainment
  • There is elaborate floral and event design
  • There is luxury transportation

Ultra formal weddings follow the same guidelines as formal weddings, but with a heightened sense of formality and drama. It is typically larger, with 200 or more guests, up to 10 or 12 attendants, and a white tie dress code. The bride’s gown as well the wedding party’s attire, and the guests’ should reflect this very formal style.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Photo credit: Jeff Schaefer Photography

Real Wedding – Lauren & Chris (Sault Restaurant, Daylesford VIC)

(This “Real Wedding” was submitted by Blumenthal Photography, located in Sydney, Australia. As we are fans of Vintage/Rustic themed weddings which are quite popular now, we just had to share. Hope you enjoy it, and find inspiration for your wedding).

Lauren and Chris met at a NYE party back in 2000.

They were celebrating out in the city with a group of mutual friends. As the night progressed, they got to talking and dancing together as if they’d known each other for years.

When it hit 11:55pm Chris grabbed Lauren’s hand and took her out on the balcony to watch the fireworks. They shared their first kiss under the fireworks when the clock hit midnight. Lauren says, “it was extraordinarily cliché but you know what they say; ‘the way you spend your NYE is the way you’ll spend the rest of your year’ and hopefully the rest of my life!”

The wedding and reception venue






For Chris and Lauren’s one year anniversary, they went away for a weekend in Daylesford. She had never been to the town before and instantly fell in love with how relaxing and quaint it was. Lauren says the time they spent in Daylesford is some of the fondest memories that she has with Chris, which made choosing their wedding location a breeze.





After visiting a few different potential venues when they started planning their wedding, they arrived at Sault. Lauren says, “I knew that it was perfect!” They both wanted an outdoor rustic themed wedding, and Sault provided a flawless backdrop from Lavender and greenery.





The wedding theme

Chris and Lauren are both very laid back people who love spending time outdoors! A vintage/rustic theme would best reflect their personality as a couple.





Lauren says they wanted a wedding that “we wouldn’t look back at photos of in 50 years and cringe at our decoration choices; therefore neutral, natural and vintage elements were all used to hopefully produce a timeless wedding.”

The wedding dress

Much like their wedding theme, Lauren wanted something elegant and timeless!

“I have never been the biggest fan of giant princess dresses… They’re just not me.” So from day one she was always trying on fitted or lightly flowing gowns, and says Suzanna Hardwood has always been an inspiration for her. “When I tried it on for the first time my mum bawled her eyes out, I guess that was the reaction I was aiming for (happy tears of course).”

The reception





“Our reception was full of laughter and tears, but it was absolutely perfect! The décor blew me away!”

“By the time our reception started the sun began to set yet the weather was still nice and warm. Our guests were constantly commenting on how stunning everything looked, how delicious all of the food was, and how happy we both looked.”

The highlight of their day
Lauren says that apart from the obvious (marrying Chris), she thinks the fun that everyone had dancing and singing together after the speeches at our reception really topped off the night!

“This was probably the first time that we had all of the people who really mean the most to us, in the one venue, and everyone was just so happy. I really didn’t want the night to end even though I was absolutely exhausted! Thinking about our entire day still brings a smile to my face every time!”

Vendor Team:
Venue: Sault
Event Styling & Planning: A Lavish Affair
Wedding Gown: Suzanne Harwood
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: White Runway
Groom’s Attire: Vera Wang
Groomsmen Attire: Raffaele Ciuca
Flowers: Victoria Whitelaw
Cake: Cake Face
Invitations & Stationary: Adorn Wedding Invitations
Photographer: Blumenthal Photography

Thank you Silvia/Blumenthal Photography for sharing this lovely wedding with us!

Hearts, Joy, Love!


Not All Timelines Are Created Equal – A Wedding Planner’s Timeline vs A DJs Timeline

wedding day timeline

I’ve heard it too many times before, “I don’t need a wedding planner, my DJ has the timeline.”


“You don’t need to do a timeline, my DJ did it already.”

Now I’m thrilled when the DJ has an interest in the timeline (instead of just ‘doing their own thing’ at the reception), and I’m not knocking the timeline that a DJ does. It’s an important tool for him to have.

But . . .

A Wedding Planner’s timeline and a DJ’s timeline are not the same thing.

A DJ’s timeline in typically only 1 page long, as it covers the order of events of the reception – including announcing the happy couple and their wedding party, when the cake will be cut, and when the first dance will take place.

A Wedding Planner’s timeline is anywhere from 6-8 pages (or more!), and includes not just the order of events of the reception, but is a written blueprint of the entire day (rehearsal, ceremony, and reception).

Our timelines have the time and place of hair and make-up appointments, when deliveries will occur, how many bouquets and boutonnieres the florist is to deliver, music selectins for the ceremony, wedding party order for the ceremony, where everything is to be placed, arrival time of wedding party transportation, whether it’s a “drink what’s in your glass” toast or a champagne toast (and who’s providing and pouring that champagne), a list of keepsake items to go take home by the couple (or someone they’ve designated to take things home for them) . . .


Our timelines show what needs to be picked up or returned to the baker, to the florist, to the rental company, etc., so things are precisely where they are supposed to be at the conclusion of your event.

Need vs Want: What Do You Need to Get Married?

Our timelines address special concerns the couple may have. Perhaps mom and dad are divorced and do not get along? Or your friend Sally gets the gluten free meal? How about that college friend who always seems to imbibe a bit too much at every get together?

Like I said before, I’m not knocking the timeline that the DJ does, nor the role he plays in keeping the flow of the day going. On the wedding day, once things get started, the ball is in the DJs court. I (and other wedding planners) can map out the flow, but on wedding day, the DJ controls it. The wedding planner should not be micromanaging things, but let the DJ do his job.

We are all in this together, (yes, we are a TEAM), and our goal is the same – to make sure that the happy couple has the most wonderful day.

Photo credit: © Anna42f | Dreamstime.com – Wedding timeline

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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