Wedding Q&A – What Should the Flower Girl Carry?

flower girl with basket of flowers

Q – I’m working on my wedding flowers and have two flower girls for my wedding. One flower girl (3 years old) will be carrying a sign that says “here comes the bride.”

I’m not sure what to have the other flower girl (6 years old) carry. I do not want her to drop flower petals.

The ceremony decor and reception centerpieces are lanterns, and I was thinking maybe she could carry a lantern with a flameless candle (but I’m concerned that it could break or the candle won’t stay in place).

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I handmade all of my flowers out of satin fabric so I guess I could do a mini bouquet but I don’t want her to match the bridesmaids either! Any thoughts?

A – A mini bouquet is a cute idea, as it is scaled down for smaller hands, and it lets the flower girl feel like one of the “big girls” in the wedding party.

flower girls with wedding party

Other options you can try are:

– Colorful pinwheels


– Ring a bell

– Balloons

flower girls with balloons

– Ribbon wands

– Floral pomanders aka kissing balls (my favorite!)

floral pomander

– Something seasonal (a pine bough if in winter, for example)

– A tambourine or kazoo if your ceremony will heavily feature music

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Flower girl – © iofoto
Flower girls with wedding party – Jack Hoying Photography
Pinwheels – Pinwheels via photopin cc
Flower girls with balloon – © Kzenon
Floral pomander – © Susan

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