Want Happy Wedding Guests? Here Are the Top 5 Things to Avoid.

happy guests at wedding reception

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Your wedding guests have taken the time to come to your wedding to witness your wedding vows, and many have probably travelled great distances. They want to enjoy themselves, have a good time, and celebrate your first day as newlyweds .

To make sure you have happy wedding guests, make their experience more pleasant and memorable (for the right reasons!) with the following list of the top 5 things wedding guests hate.

1. A long gap between the ceremony and the reception
Try to have the reception start as close to the end of the ceremony as possible. If the ceremony and reception are at the same location this is super easy. If at different locations just figure out the end time of the ceremony and the drive time from there to the reception.

If a long gap between ceremony and reception can’t be avoided, provide something for your guests to do. A list of local sights to see, area shopping, A hospitality room at the hotel where your guests are staying is a simple, yet inexpensive touch. Light snacks (chips and soda) are all that’s needed. Maybe a friend or family member who lives nearby can invite guests over for cookies and light beverages.

2. A ceremony that doesn’t start on time

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A delay of a minute or two is fine. Making them wait 20 minutes or more is not.

3. Slow dinner service
Your guests have already sat through your ceremony, and although you may have provided some yummy appetizers and cocktails, by the time dinner is served they will be hungry. And when your tummy is on the verge of growling, nothing is worse than long buffet lines that take forever, or seeing another table get their dinners served but having to wait for what can seem like an eternity for them to get around to your table.

This can be avoided by having enough wait staff. Rule of thumb is 1 to 2 wait staff per 10 to 12 guests for a served dinner, and 1 wait staff per 25 guests for a buffet. Another easy buffet trick is to have the buffet table(s) double sided instead of having it pushed up against a wall (this gets people through the line twice as quickly).

How to Have Happy Wedding Guests (With 5 Super Easy Tips)

4. Long lines for the bar or restrooms
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You can’t celebrate when you’re stuck in a line. For bartenders, figure on having 1 bartender per 50 to 75 guests. For restrooms, 1 potty per 35 to 50 guests (with a minimum of 2 – 1 for the men and 1 for the ladies).

5. Sitting in the hot sun for an outdoor ceremony

violet outdoor ceremony

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Yes, I’m a fan of readings and music during the ceremony, and love the symbolism of the unity candle. But these things take time.

If your wedding ceremony will take place outdoors on a hot, humid day with little or no shade, use the KISS method (keep it short and sweet). Provide hand fans (they are inexpensive, and will help make the heat more tolerable).

Consider providing something to drink before the ceremony. Bottled water or urns with iced water is inexpensive, yet refreshing. Having pre-poured beverages looks nice, will quickly attract little bugs.

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Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Show Me The Diamond!

showing engagement ring

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Before the wedding you’ve got to get engaged! Let’s face it, people want to see the diamond engagement ring. When someone gets engaged what’s the first thing we say? “Show me the diamond! We want to see the ring.”

But what is it about this above all other precious stones that garner the most oohs and aahs? Why do grooms choose this for their brides-to-be? Why do we so frequently see this stone in engagement rings and wedding rings? Why a diamond?

At its most basic, a diamond is a mineral, a transparent form of pure carbon.

rough, uncut diamonds in several colors
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It is formed by the pressure of the Earth’s interior pressing the carbon molecules together into a substance so dense that it becomes the hardest known naturally occurring material. Diamonds are then brought to the earths’ surface through volcanic explosions.

Not only is it the hardest substance, but one of the oldest substances – many diamonds are three billion years old. In reference to the hardness of this gemstone, the name “diamond” is derived from the Greek word “adamas,” meaning untamable or unconquerable.

We can thank Archduke Maximillian of Austria way back in the 1400’s for starting the tradition of giving a diamond engagement ring when he presented one to Mary of Burgundy. But, because of the rarity of diamonds, only nobility could afford such a declaration of love. When abundant diamond deposits were discovered in South Africa another 400 years later, diamonds became accessible to the common man (lucky us!).

Other gem stones are used in engagement rings, sapphires, emeralds and rubies are popular choices. (Who can forget Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring?)

kate middleton's engagement ring

However, the diamond remains at the top of the list.

collection of rings with colorful gems
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Why a diamond?

What better to symbolize your love for each other than with something that is natural, enduring, pure, long-lasting, beautiful, unstoppable, strong, invincible and rare.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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3 Reasons You Need to Have a Real Bartender at Your Wedding

bartender at wedding reception

Weddings can be expensive, and sometimes unanticipated expenses pop up. One unanticipated expense is for bartending services.

If you are lucky enough to have a venue that include a bartender, then you’re all set.

However, if your venue or caterer does not provide bartending services, please read on.

Most couples are on the lookout for areas to trim the budget, and forgoing a professional bartender may seem like a good way to save money.

You may be thinking of asking a friend or family member to take care of the bartending duties.


You may be considering having your guests serve themselves.

Don’t do it.

Unless you are not serving alcohol, (or providing only a bottle of wine on each table), this is not the place to scrimp!

“Why not?” you ask.

It all boils down to a safety issue. Now I’m not trying to imply that your guests are all a bunch of lushes, or irresponsible. Not at all.

But, it only takes one or two seemingly minor occurrences to cause a BIG problem.

Think of it this way . . .

1. A friend/family member typically finds it hard not to serve a guest who has reached their limit, or will “look away” and slip a drink to someone who is underaged.

A professional bartender will stop serving someone who is intoxicated, and will card guests and refuse to serve a guest who isn’t old enough.

2. Friends/family members tend to be heavy handed when they pour. While this may make your guests happy, they’re going to be “too happy” when they end up inebriated. Also, since the drinks have more alcohol then necessary, it will ultimately cost you more, since you’re going through more alcohol.

A professional bartender will pour accurate amounts per glass, using standard bar measures, which moderates the amount of alcohol being served.

3. Self-serve bars also pose the issue of too much being served at a time, which can be a problem if there are heavy drinkers among your guests. Also, since there is no one there to regulate consumption, you may unknowingly serve alcohol to an underaged minor.

It’s becoming more common for venues to require an insured bartender if you are having alcohol. They have their property to protect, but it also protects you.

Be safe. Keep your guests safe.

This will help ensure you’ll only have happy memories from your wedding celebration, not ones of intoxicated guests, teens getting into the booze, or the worry of guests drinking and driving.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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