Fun WOW Ideas for Your Reception

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One of the highlights of TSE is Michael Cerbelli’s Hot Event and Entertainment Ideas. (Michael is the President of Special Events for the New Jersey based Total Entertainment, Inc.).

During this high-energy session he showed us 38 amazing and fun ideas for events, including exciting products and entertainment acts.

My personal favorites are:

Cake-o-licious Pops – bite sized cake pops that come in in several different flavors and designs

Coffee Stencils – a plastic stencil designed to decorate latte or cappuccino coffee (I’m not a coffee drinker, but I want some of these so bad!)

Shots by Party Rimz – disposable shot glasses with flavored crystal rims in various colors & flavors including Green Apple, Watermelon, Wild Berry, and Chocolate

These ideas are relatively inexpensive, but will add a fun WOW factor to your wedding or other special event.

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