H is for (Your Wedding Day) Hairstyle – Part 3

wedding day hairstyle - you-nique reflectionsUp or down? That’s the big question when it comes to your wedding day hairstyle. Here are tips #8 – 10 to help you determine the best ‘do for your day.

8. What to wear on your wedding day? No matter how hard we try, there’s no easy way to take off a pull-over shirt without messing up our hair. So make sure you wear a button-down shirt to your hair appointment.

H is for (Your Wedding Day) Hairstyle – Part 1

9. Squeaky clean? Not necessary. Hair holds a style better when it isn’t just freshly washed or conditioned. You’ll get the best results if you wash your hair the day before your wedding.

H is for (Your Wedding Day) Hairstyle – Part 3

10. And, a big hair style DON’T – A little hair experimentation is ok, but be subtle. Do not try a radical new look for your wedding day – such as a new cut, perm, and/or hair coloring. Now is not the time for major changes to your look. You want to look like yourself, but only better and more polished, on your wedding day. You definitely don’t want your guests (or your groom) looking at you and thinking, “Who is that?” or “What was she thinking?”

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Hearts, Joy, Love!

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