Top 5 Reasons to Meet a Bridal Consultant

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Today’s blog is by Connie Ryan, owner of Enchanting Occasions, a full service event consulting company in Tucson, AZ. Thanks, Connie!

Are you planning your wedding yourself? Do you have questions and concerns but you aren’t sure who to ask or who will charge you to ask?

Here are 5 reasons why you should meet and work with a bridal consultant especially if you’re planning your wedding yourself:

1. Reduce Stress – Wedding planners and bridal consultants are equipped in both helping you deal with and alleviating the stress of planning your big day. With their experience and knowledge they can offer valuable tips and ideas to help keep you calm and feeling supported.

2. Stay Organized – One of the main assets of a wedding planner is they help you create a plan and execute that plan. Many have their own check list to help you work off of and prioritize what needs to be done first.

3. Provide Resources – It is the life of a bridal consultant to know how and who to contact all the vendors you’ll need for your wedding day. With endless tips and ideas, wedding planners and bridal consultants can help supply answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

4. Experience – Most people have only attended a few weddings. It is very different to attend versus plan and bring the event together. One thing to remember, when planning your own wedding, is you don’t want to have to worry if the DJ is set up and the decorations are perfect while you’re trying to relax and enjoy the day. Many venues have event coordinators you can rely on but an outside perspective who knows what you want and how everything should look can be a priceless asset.

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5. Unbiased Opinion – When you announced your engagement did you notice everyone has their own opinion as to how you should plan everything? Family members and friends come out the woodwork to give you their ideas on how it should all come together. But it’s your day and you should be able to have the wedding of your dreams without worrying on who you’re going to offend by not taking their advice. This is one of the best moments to have a wedding planner, someone to say “no” for you, someone to give you an unbiased opinion and someone who has your best interest at heart.

Enchanting Occasions, located in Tucson, AZ, specializes in helping the “do-it-yourself” bride. You can contact Connie at 520-647-6768 or email her at

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