International Wedding Customs

Your wedding day will be all about the expression of love you share with your groom.

Wedding customs from other countries, and the symbolism they represent, can make a beautiful addition to your wedding plans. Here are some lovely ideas to consider.

Mexico – guests form a heart shaped circle around the couple. The bride and groom dance their first dance in the center of this “circle of love.”

Belgium – the bride has a dressmaker make a handkerchief embroidered with her name and wedding date on it. After the wedding, the bride has it framed, and keeps it in a place of honor. When the next female in the bride’s family gets married, the handkerchief is removed from the frame, the new bride’s name and wedding date is added, and she carries on the tradition.

Germany – both the bride and groom carry a lighted floral laden candle to the altar. They are placed by the unity candle throughout the ceremony and then used to light the unity candle as part of the ceremony.

Scotland – at their reception, the couple will drink first from a Quaich or loving cup, which is a shallow cup or bowl with two handles. This custom dates back to the 15th century and symbolizes two families coming together. Tradition has it the couples who first drink from a Quaich will have happiness and good fortune.

Greece – bride and groom both wear a crown or wreath of flowers called a stefana. The stefana is the symbol or royalty and the sanctity of marriage. The groom removes his after the ceremony, but the bride keeps hers on as part of the wedding ensemble.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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