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Backyard Weddings

Q – We are doing backyard DIY non-traditional wedding at my parents house. I want them to be comfortable, but I am worried that after the reception is over people will just stay because they are already comfortable there.

A – I love backyard weddings. There is nothing more personal or unique than having your reception at home.

But, you make a good point about people getting comfortable and staying. The one thing that you can do to help is even though it’s at your parents home, don’t treat it like “oh, we’re just hanging out and partying at home.” Treat it like a wedding reception.

Outside Only
Don’t give your guests the run of the house like you normally would if they are just over for a visit. Since the reception will be held in the backyard, and not in the house, make inside off-limits. Of course, you’ll probably have a few exceptions to who can come in – such as grandma and grandpa if it is really hot outside, or a friend who needs some privacy to nurse her baby. But for everyone else, all the action is outside so they can stay there.

Rent a port-a-potty. They make styles that look like a regular bathroom, so your guests don’t have to feel like they’re at a construction site. This eliminates the need for people to have to come inside (and feel more like home), and for most weddings, a home bathroom isn’t enough to accommodate the number of people who will be there. Do you really want a hundred or so people traipsing through the house looking for a bathroom?

Rent a tent. This not only helps define the space where you want your guests to be, it also helps defend against Mother Nature. It will keep your guests out of the hot sun, (or out of the rain if the weather isn’t cooperating), and won’t give your guests any reason to have to go inside.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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