Bride & Groom Q & A – What Are Some Alternatives to Tossing Rice or Bubbles?

Q. – We’re not allowed to throw rice or birdseed after our ceremony, and I really don’t want to do bubbles. What alternatives do we have?

A. – Tossing rice originated with the ancient Hindus and Chinese to bestow fertility upon the bride and groom. Although highly traditional, this practice has lost its popularity and is rarely done anymore. From a bride’s standpoint, she doesn’t want something thrown at her (and rice or birdseed can sting if thrown directly at someone), and from the venue’s standpoint, it makes a big mess.

While blowing bubbles is a popular alternative — it’s painless and unless someone spills a whole bottle it doesn’t leave a big mess to clean up afterward — it isn’t the only other alternative.

Other choices include: a feather toss, flutter fetti, dried lavender, and rose petals. They’re fun and make for a great photo op. However, since they are tossed and therefore land, always check with your ceremony site well before your wedding day to see if they’re permitted.

Now, if you’re looking for something that doesn’t have to be thrown at all, how about sparklers, kazoos or recorders, or bells? They’re festive, unexpected, and leave no mess afterwards.

Another alternative that is gaining popularity is having a live butterfly or dove release. It’s so romantic — truly a beautiful sight, not harmful to the creatures themselves, and aren’t messy (really!)

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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