How to Shoot Weddings (When You’re Not a Wedding Shooter)

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Grabbed the mail the other day, and a cover story on my husband’s copy of Popular Photography (June 2014 issue) caught my eye.

“How to Shoot Weddings (When You’re Not a Wedding Shooter).”

Now I’m thinkin’, “Great. An article on how to fake-it for wannabe wedding photographers.” Ok, I’m really not a cynical person, but I am a firm advocate for having a professional vendor team – your dj, your planner, your photographer, all of them – who is experienced and knows weddings.

I was pleasantly surprised.

In the article, author Peter Kolonia gives 25 dos and don’ts that advises the soon-to-be wedding photographer (probably a friend or family member of the engaged couple) to:

  • do their homework (visit websites of wedding photographers, search the net for wedding photos taken at the venue)
  • be prepared (practice with any unfamiliar equipment, get the day’s agenda, have extra batteries & memory cards, discuss what photos the couple wants)
  • be realistic (make sure the couple knows you’re doing this as a favor and can’t guarantee results, securely store full memory cards, bring an assistant).

I still believe in using a pro wedding photographer – but for the couple who really wants their friend or relative with a little skill behind the lens to do the honor, the tips in this article can help avoid a disaster, while helping to set and meet realistic expectations.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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