International Wedding Customs

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Every culture has it’s own customs and traditions for celebrating a wedding. Here are a few international wedding customs:

mehndi hindu wedding

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In India traditional Hindu weddings include the Mehndi, a pre-ceremony celebration held the night before, or even a few days before the wedding day. The mehndi artist applies intricate mehndi, or henna, designs to the bride’s hands and feet. Often the groom’s name or initials is hidden in the design.

Korovai Ukraine Wedding Cake

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In Ukraine, instead of a wedding cake, they have a special bread, called the korovai, made by the two families to signify their new connection.

International Wedding Customs

Japanese Shinto Ceremony

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In Japan, during a traditional Shinto ceremony, the couple each takes sips of sake from three cups. This symbolizes their dedication to each other.

Norway Silver Wedding Crowns

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In Norway, the bride wears a silver crown with crescent shaped bangles dangling from it. Their clanking fends off evil spirits that are known to attack newlyweds.

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