Alternatives to a Floral Wedding Bouquet

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Carrying a floral wedding bouquet is the most common choice for brides. However you may prefer to carry something different. Not to worry – there are many other options that may work for you.

If you have floral related allergies, silk or paper flowers are a wonderful option, and won’t leave you red eyed and sniffling.

paper flowersPhoto by © MedvededAndrey

Brooch bouquets are also a beautiful alternative to fresh flowers. To make it extra special include brooches given to you by family members.

brooch bouquetPhoto credit: MsSaraKelly | photopin | (license)

Or you can abandon flowers all together and carry a bouquet of feathers, or strands of crystals or origami birds.

origami birdsPhoto by © Africa Studio

A pretty fan, a special bible, or a small clutch are also lovely non-flower alternatives.

Photo by © Yakov Stavchansky

Look into ethnic or cultural wedding traditions. Irish customs call for the bride to carry a horseshoe for good luck (with the open end up so the luck doesn’t run out).

bride carrying a horseshoePhoto by © lmfotografia

For a more whimsical bouquet, how about a lollipop arrangement in the colors of your wedding, or a pretty bouquet made out of fabric roses? To make it even more special have fabric roses out of vintage fabrics, scarves, or even neckties from someone dear to you.

lollipop bouquetPhoto credit: Shots For You Photography

Of course, you could elect to carry nothing at all. It is your choice.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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