Expressing the 2017 Color Trends in Your Spring Wedding Style

Blue Color Palette

Spring is finally here and it’s time to celebrate the upcoming wedding season, and the fabulous color palettes that express the freshness of the season.

Of the top color schemes of 2017, several incorporate shades of blue. Blue is such a versatile color, evoking feelings of such as sophistication, playfulness, and sweetness.

blue color palette

From deep midnight blue and sapphire to pale shades such as aqua or French blue, there is the perfect blue hue for every taste and wedding style – whether it’s rustic and more causal to an event that is elegant, which is further expressed in the choice of accent colors.

Blush, French Blue, and Gold

Fuchsia, Grape, and Dark Turquoise

Navy, Gold, Coral Navy, Gold, and Coral

What’s one of the first things couples think of?

What they’re going to wear, of course!


For Her

How about a white wedding gown with blue accents?

wedding gown with blue sash

Or for something more daring, walk down the aisle in a wedding gown that is entirely blue.

blue wedding gown


blue swarovski crystal earrings

blue nail polish

blue bridal shoes

For Him

Grooms and men in the wedding party will need a tuxedo or suit fitting with the formality of your wedding.

The Black Tux offers several stylish attire for the men, as well as ties, vests and shoes.

Here are some fashionably elegant and sophisticated choices that will coordinate with your blue color scheme.

royal navy blue suit Royal Navy Blue Suit

midnight blue tuxedo Midnight Blue Tuxedo

midnight pin dot tuxedo Midnight Blue Pin Dot Tuxedo

navy suit Navy Blue Suit


Let’s start with the bridal bouquet. This gorgeous blue bouquet is a show-stopper with orchids accented with a few white roses.

blue bridal bouquet
Photo Credit ktay21 / 123RF Stock Photo

If your taste leans more toward a traditional bouquet, accent a white bouquet with a few blue blooms.

White and Blue Bridal Bouquet

If your wedding party will be in blue, bouquets with lighter colored blooms will look fabulous and really pop against the blue fabric.

blue bridesmaids dresses

For your centerpieces and decor, you have many options –

Floral arrangements that are pink . . .

Pink roses

Photo Credit: yeko / 123RF Stock Photo

shades of blue . . .

white and blue floral centerpiece

Photo credit: darkkong / 123RF Stock Photo

or a mix of colors.

pink roses, ranunculus, and grape hyacinth

Photo credit: funlovingvolvo / 123RF Stock Photo

Color Tip: When talking with your wedding pros, don’t rely on color name only. One person’s idea of Indigo for example will be way different than the next person’s. Bring color swatches, photos, paint chips, whatever it takes to show them the color you are actually thinking of.

Other Decor

Seating Chart
blue wedding seating chart Seating chart by Yellow Belly Project

blue lighting wedding reception

blue wedding reception table linens

blue napkin folds


Just a touch color . . .

wedding cake with blue fondant swirls

or in full color.

tiffany blue wedding cake

Of course there are a gazillion more ways to incorporate your color scheme into your wedding. How have you chosen to express your color palette for your wedding day?

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Have Fun With Your Wedding Shoes

bride wearing red wedding shoes

Wedding shoes have come a long way from the plain dyables.

Remember those? The bride got hers in white, and her bridesmaids got the same style but dyed to exactly match their dresses.

Pumps, slingbacks, strappy, embellished with bows or rhinestones, or left unadorned. And who says they have to be white? Why not pick a beautiful pair in a color that coordinates with your color scheme?

There are so many options to what you can wear on your feet on your wedding day.

Some of my past brides have worn:

  • Plaid Converse “Chucks”
  • Combat Boots
  • Royal Blue Peep Toe Pumps
  • Silver Gladiator Sandals
  • Cowboy Boots

Your shoes are accessories to your whole wedding ensemble. Their style and height should work with your wedding gown.

You’ve got style. Your gown has style. So why not your shoes?

Have fun with your shoes.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Easy Ways to Personalize Your Ceremony

Today, more couples whether traditional or more contemporary, are choosing to customize and personalize their wedding ceremony. Although relatively short in comparison to the rest of the wedding day, your ceremonies deserve some thought. After all, it is the point of the day.

Many couples choose to compose part or all of their wedding vows. However, even if you aren’t allowed to alter your vows, or really don’t want to, there are other ceremony elements that you can adjust to make it more personal and unique to you and your groom. Some easy and low cost (or no cost) ways are:

  • A special reading or prayer
  • A special hymn or song (how about a children’s choir or a hand bell choir?)
  • Observance of ethnic or family customs
  • Carry your grandmother’s handkerchief or wear your mother’s pin
  • Use a type of flower that was in your sister’s bouquet

    One bride who wanted to wear her mother’s wedding gown, was disappointed to find out that it had deteriorated to a point where it couldn’t be worn. She chose to use fabric from mom’s gown to make her ring bearer pillow and garter. This idea also works well for brides who are having their gowns custom made. Use leftover fabric for the ring pillow, or to make special handkerchiefs for your mom and future mother-in-law.

    For another wedding, the couple figured that since they decided not to have scripture readings, they couldn’t have any type of reading at all. The bride was very excited when I suggested poetry – she wrote poetry as a hobby, and one of her poems was absolutely perfect for their ceremony reading.

    Let your imagination be your guide. But before making any specific changes, as always, check with your officiant. He/she may have specific ideas on what can or cannot be included in the ceremony, and you don’t want to get your heart set of something, only to be told on your wedding day, “No, you can’t do that!”

    • The Special Event 2010

      In 4 days I’ll be attending The Special Event in New Orleans. Hmmm. How to describe The Special Event? It’s part conference, trade show, workshop, (and sooooo much more) for the event industry.

      It’s my second time attending, and I am proud to be a finalist (for the 2nd year in a row) in their Tabletop Design Competition. Here’s a pic from last year’s entry. (Yes, that’s a 30 inch Eiffel Tower in the middle of the table).

      I’m looking forward to seeing old friends, making new ones, learning new ideas and discovering new products that I can share with my brides.

      ‘Why We Do That’

      Origins of Wedding Traditions

      Bridal bouquets
      The bridal bouquet was originally made of herbs, not flowers. It usually contained herbs which had a strong smell, such as thyme and garlic. The purpose was to frighten away any evil spirits which may be trying to cause trouble or harm to the bride.

      Through the years, this ‘fragrant’ bouquet evolved into the lovely (and beautifully scented) floral bouquets that brides carry today.