Expressing the 2017 Color Trends in Your Spring Wedding Style

2017 wedding color trends blue

Spring is finally here and it’s time to celebrate the upcoming wedding season, and the fabulous color palettes that express the freshness of the season.

Of the top color schemes of 2017, several incorporate shades of blue. Blue is such a versatile color, evoking feelings of such as sophistication, playfulness, and sweetness.

2017 Color Trends - blue color palette

From deep midnight blue and sapphire to pale shades such as aqua or French blue, there is the perfect blue hue for every taste and wedding style – whether it’s rustic and more causal to an event that is elegant, which is further expressed in the choice of accent colors.

2017 Color Trends - dusty blue blush gold

2017 Color Trends - navy gold coral

2017 Color Trends - fushia grape snowcone

What’s one of the first things couples think of?

What they’re going to wear, of course!


For Her

How about a white wedding gown with blue accents?

Or for something more daring, walk down the aisle in a wedding gown that is entirely blue.

2017 Color Trends - blue wedding gown


2017 Color Trends - blue swarovski crystal earrings
2017 Color Trends - blue nail polish

2017 Color Trends - blue wedding shoes

For Him

Grooms and men in the wedding party will need a tuxedo or suit fitting with the formality of your wedding.

The Black Tux offers several stylish attire for the men, as well as ties, vests and shoes.

Here are some fashionably elegant and sophisticated choices that will coordinate with your blue color scheme.

navy suit

midnight pin dot tuxedo

midnight blue tuxedo

royal navy blue suit


Let’s start with the bridal bouquet. This gorgeous blue bouquet is a show-stopper with orchids accented with a few white roses.

 blue bridal bouquet
Photo Credit ktay21 / 123RF Stock Photo

If your taste leans more toward a traditional bouquet, accent a white bouquet with a few blue blooms.

Bridal Bouquet Rose Blue Wedding Bouquet White

If your wedding party will be in blue, bouquets with lighter colored blooms will look fabulous and really pop against the blue fabric.

2017 Color Trends - blue bridesmaids dresses

For your centerpieces and decor, you have many options –

Floral arrangements that are pink . . .

pink roses Photo Credit: yeko / 123RF Stock Photo

shades of blue . . .

white and blue floral centerpiece
Photo credit: darkkong / 123RF Stock Photo

or a mix of colors.

pink roses, ranunculus, grape hyacinths
Photo credit: funlovingvolvo / 123RF Stock Photo

Color Tip: When talking with your wedding pros, don’t rely on color name only. One person’s idea of Indigo for example will be way different than the next person’s. Bring color swatches, photos, paint chips, whatever it takes to show them the color you are actually thinking of.

Other Decor

Seating Chart
blue wedding seating chart
Seating chart by Yellow Belly Project

2017 Color Trends - blue lighting

2017 Color Trends - blue lighting
blue table linens

blue napkins


Just a touch color . . .

white cake with blue orchids

white fondant cake with blue gumpaste flowers
or in full color.

tiffany blue wedding cake

Of course there are a gazillion more ways to incorporate your color scheme into your wedding. How have you chosen to express your color palette for your wedding day?

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Top Wedding Trends (Then and Now)

It’s fun to go back and see what wedding trends were popular a few years ago compared to what is “in” now.

You know what? For the most part, what was trending in 2013 is still popular with couples getting married and planning their own weddings.

Fun Wedding Trends

Trends that are still going strong are:

      • Vintage themes and décor
      • Blue color palettes
      • Variations on wedding desserts

      All three remain popular choices today.

      Check out our video from 2013.

      Yes, these tips and trends are still relevant in 2016 (and 2017!)

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Bride & Groom Q & A – What Color Should My Veil Be?

Q. – What color should my veil be?

A. – If you want a more traditional look, the tulle on the veil should be the same color as your dress, or one shade deeper. You don’t want to pair a bright white veil with an ivory gown – it will make your gown look dirty.

Veils come in many colors, usually in different shades of white and ivory, as well as gold, pink, and bronze. Also, since tulle comes in so many different colors – sunflower, chartreuse, fuchsia, lilac, and royal blue to name a few – you can always get your veil custom made if you are looking for a non-traditional color.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Photo credit: L-O via photopin cc

My 2014 Wedding Trends Predictions

Ok, I’m no fortune teller, but I love to keep an eye on what’s “in” and what’s “out,” especially for weddings. Based on what I’ve been seeing in recent years, here are my predictions of what’s to come in 2014.

1. Vintage/Retro decor that accents/enhances the theme and venue

2. Hand tied bouquets that incorporate personal items (locket, necklace, rosary, grandma’s hanky)

3. Mini bites (fun hors d’oeuvres, desserts)

4. Colors that are softer, yet muted & sophisticated (Greens: Teal, Sage; Yellows: Pantone Sunflower, Snapdragon; Purples: Iris or Tahiti

5. Neutrals (especially taupe & gray) will still be strong

6. Wedding gowns with sleeves (light – like lace, or off-the-shoulder)

7. Wedding gowns that aren’t white or ivory (think light pink, blush, pale blue)

8. Shorter wedding dresses

9. Bling will still be “in” & we’ll see it on wedding gowns, centerpieces, bouquets and cakes

10. Fun desserts (cake pops, mini cakes, candy buffet tables, donuts)

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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photo credit: Lynn Friedman via photopin cc

Let The Seasons Guide You – Summer Flowers

Trying to decide what flowers to use in your bouquets and centerpieces for your wedding? Why not let the seasons guide you?

In the Summer, colors and flowers are quite similar to those in the spring. The subtle differences stem from the types of flowers available in this season. Summer colors tend to be a little bolder and more saturated but are still soft. Various shades of pinks, peaches, and lavenders are abundant.

Wildflowers evoke romantic feelings of warm summer days. If you prefer bright and bold, try gerbera daisies, lilies, and roses, which come in a rainbow of colors.

Flowers available in the summer include tulips, orchids, poppies and hydrangea.

Flowers available year round include baby’s breath, carnations, orchids, roses, stephanotis, and gardenias.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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I love to play – especially with color, texture, and coming up with new uses for items.

Inspiration fuels my play, and can be found in a variety of places including magazines, movies, websites & blogs, a gorgeous sunset, an amazing painting . . .

Here’s a glimpse of “Tranquil Woodland” – my entry for Prime Time Party Rental’s tabletop competition. It was inspired by “Silence, Waterfall and Forest”, an oil painting by Arthur Bowen Davies (on display at the Dayton Art Institute).

Photos of all the entries will be posted on Prime Time Party Rental’s facebook page the week of Feb. 15. Fans of Prime Time’s Facebook page will be able to vote on their favorite design.

If you like my design, vote for me. I’ll post the voting link once it’s available.