Engagement Ring Quiz – Which Diamond Shape Are You?

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The holiday season also brings about marriage proposal season. Did you know that nearly 1/5 of all engagements occur this time of the year? To many people, the holidays are a magical, romantic time of the year, and it is a time of family, family rituals, and traditions. Marriage proposals are magical and romantic, and, in a way, represent the creation of a new family.

After that special someone got down on one knee to ask those 4 magic words “Will you marry me?”, it will be time to select an engagement ring. These days, many couples go ring shopping together.

Whether you’ve been using Pinterest to allude to the diamond and diamond shape you want, urging your sister to drop hints on a particular shape, or have yet to think about which diamond suits you, one thing that’s certain is that there are many characteristics to consider.

The 4 C’s including cut, color, clarity and carat weight are the quick basics many people refer to when examining diamonds. But don’t forget about the shape. The shape of a diamond will play an important role in the purchase process and finding something the fits preferred tastes and styles. So, which diamond suits you?

To help you find out, Invaluable created a guide to the 10 most popular diamond shapes. Browse through the list below and mark your favorites and don’t forget to take the fun quiz below to determine which shape matches your personality!

Diamond Shape: Which One Suits You?

diamond shapes

Thank you to Invaluable and Taylor Jenkins for sharing this fun and inspiring infographic quiz showing the 10 most popular diamond shapes and how to determine which shape is right for you.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Creative Ways and Tips to Announce Your Wedding Engagement

HRH Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle have announced their engagement — congratulations to them both! Their announcement was, of course, met with fanfare in Britain and in the U.S., and in a fair few other countries too.

Now, your engagement might not be met with as much fanfare, but it will be just as important. Because your engagement is important, you have to announce it in the proper way. And you can get creative with the way you announce it too! For advice on how to do all of this, make sure to read on.

The Proper Ways To Announce An Engagement
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Follow Engagement Announcement Etiquette

Before you even begin to consider how you’re going to announce your engagement, you’re going to need to follow some basic announcement etiquette.

The biggest rule when it comes to following this etiquette is making sure that everybody of importance in your life finds out in person and directly from you. You don’t want your mother finding out you’ve popped the question, or had the question popped to you, via word of mouth or by seeing it online, do you? And, speaking of parents, another big rule in engagement announcement etiquette is to ensure that the bride-to-be’s parents are the first to find out.

Go Public With The Announcement

Once all the important people are told of the engagement, then it’s time to go public with the announcement. Now, this is where you can have some fun when it comes to your announcing your engagement and can be as creative as you like.

You could opt for an uncreative and relatively lowkey announcement, such as announcing it via your social media outlets. Or, you could go really public with your engagement and have it be published in your local newspaper. To do this, you’ll need to contact the newspaper of your choice to check out and understand their policy and requirements for such announcements. Then send in a photo and some details about yourself and your fiancé. Make sure you buy the newspaper on the day of printing!

Or, you can go the old school route and have your wedding invitations created by a bespoke stationery producer, such as Paper Themes, and let them act as your announcement.

You can get a bit more creative than merely having the words ‘we’re getting married’ posted somewhere. For instance, you could have the message delivered via your pet – this involves hanging a sign around their neck (that’s not heavy and won’t hurt them, of course) that reads something along the lines of: ‘my humans are getting married’. Or you could have it printed onto a mug, then let people who visit your home to drink out of it.

Now you could go really extreme and get matching tattoos with your fiancé, and then reveal them at the same time to those who you want to announce the good news to. Okay, that last one might be a bit too creative, but the point is there are plenty of fun ways to announce an engagement if merely telling people of your good news does not seem good enough for you.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go OTT

But, saying that the tattoo idea might be a bit too creative and over the top isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because during the time of your engagement right up until your wedding, you’re allowed to be as OTT as you like. In fact, it is one of the only times in life you will be allowed the luxury to do so without getting on people’s nerves. Besides, getting engaged is a huge life milestone, so you have every right to go a bit OTT with the way you announce it, if this is something you feel comfortable doing!

Your engagement announcement is just as special as His Royal Highness’s and Ms. Markle’s, no matter how uncommercial yours might be when compared to theirs. And you can make your announcement just as memorable to those who really count, your family and friends, by taking the engagement announcement advice found above.

* This is a contributed post

I hope you found this information useful!

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Fun Engagement Party Themes and Planning Tips

engagement party decor
The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here—you’re engaged!

Congratulations are in order but first, take in the moment. Enjoy your now fiancé and the fact that no one knows this awesome news. When you’re ready to share your engagement, get creative with how you tell family and friends.

One of the best ways to share the news is with a party! These days, couples are taking over and planning their own engagement party. If you’re not sure where to start, wedding stationery company, Wedding Paper Divas, compiled 50 ideas and themes that you can browse through. Check it out here!

After you figure out which direction you want to head for your engagement party, it’s time to start thinking of the venue, decor and guest list. If this is all new to you, keep reading for my engagement party planning tips.

engaged couple

Engagement Party Etiquette and Tips

Purpose of an engagement party – The purpose of an engagement party is to celebrate the couple’s engagement, pure and simple, and to help family members to get to know each another before the wedding day.

Who do we invite? – Keep in mind that just as with a bridal shower, those invited to an engagement party should also be invited to the wedding. The absolute “have to invite” people include the immediate families of the couple, their close friends, and the wedding party members (if they have been selected already).

Are gifts required? – No they are not. Again, the purpose of an engagement party is to formally announce and celebrate the engagement, and allow family members of both sides to get to know each other. Some guests may wish to bring a gift, but it isn’t necessary.

Who hosts the engagement party? – Unlike a shower, gifts are not expected. Because of this, anyone can host an engagement party (the couple can host if they choose, or either set of parents).

What should guests be served? – It depends on the style of the party. If it’s a dinner party, then some sort of substantial meal is expected, although a party with just snacks and simple desserts, or a buffet with finger foods can be just as enjoyable (as long as the time of the event doesn’t fall during a typical dinner time).


Does the engagement party’s theme have to match the theme of the wedding? – Not at all. The host can choose any theme he/she wants, as long as it is reflective of the happy couple. Like the rehearsal dinner, an engagement party should not be grander than the wedding. Remember to check out Wedding Paper Divas for fun engagement party ideas.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Your Engagement – The First Thing to Do When You Get Engaged

diamond engagement ring in a red rose

Congratulations to all the couples who got engaged over the holidays.

The next thing you should be doing is . . .

. . . enjoy your engagement and being an engaged couple.

I know you’re excited (and rightly so!), and probably want to dive in with all of the fun of planning your big day.

But, I repeat,

Enjoy being engaged!

Getting and being engaged is a once-in-a-lifetime experience so for right now savor this time and . . .

. . . show off your ring

. . . lose yourself while gazing into your beloved’s eyes

. . . relish being a “fiance/fiancee”

Of course it’s normal to want to start working on your wedding plans, and some folks even wonder why it’s recommended to just enjoy this period without doing any actual planning.

  • It will give you a little breather before you get knee-deep in the plans and details.
  • If your honey spent a lot of time and effort on the proposal, give him (or her) a break from another round of planning.
  • It’s very likely that the two of you haven’t even talked about how you’re envisioning your wedding day to be. So how can you really start planning it?
  • Once you do start in on your wedding plans, you may experience “wedding overload” – where you’re thinking about wedding stuff 24/7, everywhere you turn someone is asking about your wedding. If you do, you’re going to thank yourself later for taking this “newly engaged period.”

Then, when you do start in on your wedding plans, give me a call so we can create a “game plan” that allows you to enjoy the next phase of your engagement.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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5 Reasons You Need a Wedding Planner


Getting married is exciting! However, planning the umpteen details for your special day can be stressful and overwhelming. A wedding planner can alleviate a lot of stress, and when chosen wisely is worth every penny.

Best for Bride, Hamilton’s premier bridal chain and wedding services provider, suggests five reasons why newly engaged couples should consider hiring the services of a professional wedding planner.

  1. Wedding planning involves lot of work

From choosing vendors to booking the venue and bringing together all the details of your wedding day, wedding planning is lot of work. Couples often do not realize the amount of effort and time they have to put in, till they begin handling these tasks. It quickly becomes stressful, especially if both partners are pressed for time. With a wedding planner, all your plans will progress in an organized fashion without much worry.

2. A wedding planner knows what to do

Unlike couples who usually plan a big event like this for the first time, wedding planners know how to handle wedding planning efficiently. With their previous experience, they have no trouble keeping track of deadlines and doing things at the right time. Hence, it is unlikely that anything will be missed. A professional wedding planner will help you realize your wedding vision in the best possible way by finding options that work within your budget.

3. You deserve to enjoy your engagement

Whether your engagement is long or short, you deserve to enjoy this romantic capsule of time. However, wedding planning can take over your life and you may end up with little to no time to enjoy your relationship. A wedding planner will attend to all these plans on your behalf, leaving you enough time to enjoy and take care of yourself.

4. Wedding planners make vendor choices easier

Vendor selection is an important, but challenging. Not only does it take time to research, shortlist and interview vendors, you have little guarantee on whether they will deliver as promised. Wedding planners can recommend suppliers who they’ve worked with before or have seen in action. They can also research and shortlist new vendors. Additionally, they do a good job at negotiating rates and discussing requirements. This makes the entire task a lot easier for you.

5. They fix things that go wrong

With the amount of details and number of people involved, the likelihood of something going wrong is very high. When issues crop up closer to the wedding day, you will end up feeling frantic and worried. Wedding planners are the best people to handle potential issues efficiently. With an organized approach, they ensure everything is under control; timely follow ups are done, payments are made on schedule, logistics are considered and details are managed. Despite this, if an issue arises they usually have a Plan B, so everything progresses without a hitch.
Author Bio:

Best for Bride is a leading bridal dress chain, operating from four locations in Canada and also offering an online shopping option. Their inventory includes top-class designer collections as well as dresses for the bridal party and for special occasions. Check out this video to learn how to save on a wedding gown.

Did You get Engaged Over The Holidays?

photo credit: MattandAshley via photopin cc
Just a quick post for those who just got engaged over the holidays.

First of all Congratulations! Relish this time as an “engaged couple.” Show off the ring, welcome all those well wishes.

And . . .

Beware of all those bridal shows right around the corner!

Sure, go to them to see what’s out there. See what the newest trends are in flowers and cakes and gowns and tuxes. Listen to the party music and look at the beautiful photos as you imagine yourself as the bride or groom on YOUR wedding day.

photo credit: Zane Mulligan via photopin cc
But . . . If you just got engaged at Christmas or New Years, or maybe at Thanksgiving you probably haven’t had a chance to sit down with your fiance/fiancee to talk about how both of you are wanting your wedding day to be like.

I’m not talking about hammering out all the little details (yet). You’ve got a gazillion options, and they will be decided upon further down the planning road.

When you start planning your wedding, you’ll need to have in mind the basics – where you want the wedding and reception to take place; how big (or small) you want your wedding to be; what style do you want (formal, casual, whimsical, something else?); what is your wedding date? – before you can move ahead with any plans.

So . . .

(Yeah, I know I’m repeating myself here . . .)

Beware of all those bridal shows right around the corner!

photo credit: FestivitiesMN via photopin cc
Yes, they are fun and exciting. You’re going to see a lot of fantastic ideas and it can be very easy to get caught up in the moment. You’ll be offered many deals if you “sign the dotted line.”

However, (if you haven’t discussed the “basics” with your fiancé yet), now is NOT the time to make any concrete plans.

Sure, that DJ, or photographer, or baker (or any of the other wedding service providers) seem wonderful (and I’m not saying that they aren’t), but if you haven’t discussed the “basics” then you won’t know if that wonderful service provider is the right one for you!

This is an exciting time. Enjoy being engaged. Go to the shows with the intent of seeing what is available. Get some ideas of what appeals to you, and take note of things that aren’t your style. Collect brochures and literature (and take notes on the things that really stand out to you).

Relish this time as an engaged couple. The planning stage will come soon enough.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

Is your head swimming after going to that bridal show? Are you more confused than ever with all those choices? Weddings From The Heart can help. Give me a call at 937-235-2586, or 937-581-3647, or email me at jean@weddingsfromtheheart.net to schedule a meeting or phone chat.