45+ Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

45+ Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding | If you want to save money on your wedding then this post is for you! It includes more than 45 different tips to easily save money, but still have the  beautiful wedding you’ve always dreamed of.#wedding #moneysavingtips #weddingplanning #daytonweddingplanner #ohioweddingplanner

Spending money on your wedding can be easy – way too easy.

The good news is saving money is easy too! Here are over 45 ways to save.


1. Trim your guest list.
Fewer people means less food, beverages, centerpieces, linens, favors, etc.

2. Have a longer engagement.
Not only will you have more time to search and find sales, you’ll also have more time to set aside money.

3. Enter giveaways to win free wedding stuff.
Free is always good.

4. Use coupons and watch for sales when buying items from craft stores.
hobby lobby
Michaels and Hobby Lobby always have coupons and sales. There’s no reason to pay full price.

5. Opt for an adult-only reception.
An easy way to decide who to trim from your guest list. Determine no one under the age of 13 or the age of 16 for example.

6. Seat more guests at larger tables.
You’ll end up needing less tables and chairs, and in turn less centerpieces and linens.

Your Wedding Date/Time

7. Get married on any day but Saturday.
Many venues and vendors offer a discount for any day other than a Saturday.

8. Get married off-peak season.
winter wedding
Winter months are typically the slow season in the wedding world, so many venues/vendors offer a discount for those months.

9. Have your wedding ceremony and reception earlier in the day.
A late morning ceremony followed by a brunch reception will save you tons of money.


10. Skip the expensive favors.
candy wedding favors
Fancy favors are commonly left behind. Why? Because your guests really don’t want/can’t use them. Edible treats are one of the best favor options. They’re inexpensive, and your guests will actually use them.

11. Or omit favors altogether.

12. Choose escort cards that double as favors.
Double duty is a wonderful money saver.

Invitations & Other Printed Items

13. Send postcard style response cards with your invitations.
Not only will the postcard RSVP cards cost less, you’ll also need less postage on each one.

14. Skip the fancy custom or vintage postage stamps.
wedding love postage stamp
Your guests won’t miss the fancy postage stamps, and regular stamps (check with your post office for pretty floral or LOVE stamps) cost less than the custom ones.

15. Skip square or odd sized invitations.
They may look great, but the post office charges more postage on non standard shaped or sized envelopes.

16. Use a sign instead of a ceremony program.
Rather than printing up programs all of your guests, do one large sign and have it at the entry to your ceremony.

17. Proofread everything twice before ordering.
Having something reprinted is definitely a cost that is not budgeted for. Eliminate this possibility by proofreading everything multiple times. Have someone else proofread them as well – a second pair of eyes can spot things that the first may have missed. Double check all spellings, dates, and addresses.

18. Order thank you cards when you order invitations.
Saves on extra shipping and handling charges.

9 Easy Ways to Contain Your Wedding Costs

19. Print guests names on a board instead of individual escort cards.
wedding reception seating chart

20. DIY your invitation assembly.
From standard envelope stuffing to attaching rhinestone embellishments or pretty belly bands – paying the invitation company to assemble them costs more money. Save by assembling them yourself (or have your wedding party help out).

Wedding Cake

21. Choose a small one or two tiered cake.
2 tier wedding cake
Have the small cake on display for your cake cutting ceremony, but also have unadorned (just iced) cakes hidden in the kitchen.

22. Skip the dessert table.
You don’t need additional desserts. Your wedding cake is enough.

23. Choose buttercream icing instead of fondant.
Fondant may look gorgeous, but you’ll end up paying at least twice as much (maybe more!) for your cake.

24. Skip on the cake fillings.
Fillings typically cost more, and if you’ve got delicious cake to start with, your guests won’t miss a filling.

25. Serve cupcakes instead of cake.
wedding cupcakes
You’ll save on the serving price (cupcakes can be up to half the cost per serving as cake). Also, since cupcakes don’t have to be cut/plated, you’ll save on the plating fee most venues charge.

Food & Beverages

26. Offer beer and wine, and a signature drink.
signature drink
Serving alcohol can get expensive. Save by offering only beer and wine, and perhaps a fun signature drink.

27. Serve champagne to the head table only.
You don’t need to provide champagne to all of your guests, and they will be fine toasting with whatever beverage they’ve chosen from the bar.

28. Skip the late night snack.
Sending your guests off with a yummy little nibble may sound like a fun idea, but it’s a cost that you can easily omit, and no one will miss it.


29. Choose less pricey flowers in your bouquet.
Your florist can give you lost of flower cost-effective options that achieve the look you are going for.

30. Re-use decorations from the ceremony at the reception.
You’ve already paid for them, so why not get more use out of them? This includes altar arrangements, unity candle flowers, and bridesmaids bouquets.

31. Pick simple tablecloths.
Many venues provide standard linens at no additional cost. In love with a pricy specialty linen? Use it on just the cake table and sweetheart/head table.

32. Choose flowers that are in-season.
seasonal wedding flowers
Flowers that are in-season are more abundant, and will cost less than flowers that have to be imported.

33. Choose short centerpieces.
Tall centerpieces are elegant, but often need more flowers to look so grand. More flowers = more cost.

34. Skip the chair covers and sashes.
Unless the chairs are ghastly, save money by not getting covers. Another option is renting resin or samsonite folding chairs. These common chair rental styles often cost less than renting chair covers/sashes.

35. Choose a ceremony venue and/or reception venue that requires little decoration.

Not All Money Saving Ideas Are Good

36. Skip the aisle runner.
In reality, aisle runners don’t enhance the overall look of your ceremony. Save yourself a bit of cash by omitting an aisle runner altogether.

37. Use more greenery and less blooms.
Greenery is elegant, abundant, and less costly that flowers.

38. Use non-florals in your centerpiece design.
birdcage centerpiece
Candles, books, bird cages, lanterns, and bowls of fruit are just some non-floral ideas that cost less than a floral arrangement, yet are still pretty and stylish.


39. Borrow a veil.

Borrowing is always cost-friendly. Plus you’ll have your “Something Borrowed” covered.

40. Buy shoes you’ll actually wear again.
wedding shoes
Why spend money on shoes you’re only going to wear just once? Save money by choosing a pair that you will be able to wear again and again.


41. Hire a DJ instead of a band.
dj disk jockey
Simply put, having a DJ costs less than having a band.

42. Skip the limousine.
A fancy ride is fun, but you’re only going to be in it for a relatively short time.

43. Hire a wedding planner.
A wedding planner has the know-how to stay on budget, yet stay stylish with creative alternatives.

44. Have ceremony & reception at same place.

45. Choose a venue that doesn’t require you to use their vendors.
Not having to use their “short list” of vendors gives you more options.

46. Borrow items.
toasting glasses
Not interested in keeping the cake knife/server or toasting glasses? Borrow them.

47. Buy items instead of renting them.
You can purchase just about everything for your wedding, from table linens to vases. What to do with them after the wedding? Sell them of course. These days, many areas have bridal resale shops. Or check out online sites such as Wedding Recycle.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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9 Easy Ways to Contain Your Wedding Costs

Weddings will still take place in these tough economic times, so savvy brides and grooms are looking for ways now more than ever to have the weddings of their dreams without breaking the bank with their wedding costs.

Here are some easy-to-do tips that will help you contain the costs of your wedding.

1) Prioritize
After you and your fiancé have decided on what your “ideal” wedding day will be, prioritize all of the different elements that generally go into a wedding. What is more important and what is the least important (or maybe not important at all)? This will help you when determining your budget and know where to allocate the money you want to spend.

2) Budget
You need to know how much money you really have to spend on your wedding. Wedding funds can come from your and your fiancé’s savings, money you can comfortably set aside from your paychecks and money that others will be contributing. Establish a separate savings or checking account that is strictly for wedding expenses.

3) Make Your Money Work For You
If you get a chunk of cash early on – say a contribution from your parents or his – invest in a short term CD which can earn interest in the time before you need to pay vendors.

4) Credit Cards
Use them carefully. Only put on your cards what you can comfortably pay off each month. You don’t want to start your marriage in debt. Choose cards that offer some type of rewards, such as points, cash back or free airline tickets.

5) Non-Peak Times
Consider holding your wedding during non-peak times. This could be a non-traditional day of the week (a Friday or Sunday often costs less than a Saturday), or a non-typical month (January or February rather than June or September).

The time of day can also impact your wallet – plan to get married in the morning and have a reception lunch instead of a dinner. Luncheon and brunch menus are less expensive than dinners. An added plus is that guests tend to drink less during the day, so you’ll also save on liquor costs.

6) Non-Peak Times (Part 2)
If you really want a Saturday evening event, avoid the typical dinner hour. Plan to have your ceremony later, such as 6:30 or 7:00 pm, and follow it with a dessert reception rather than a full sit down dinner. Most people will have eaten dinner by the time your event starts, but to be sure, put “Dessert Reception” on your invitation so there will be no confusion.

7) Invitations
Forgo a separate Reception Card and use “corner copy.” Your reception information will be printed at the bottom of the Invitation. You’ll see considerable savings by only having to pay a nominal fee (~$10 regardless of quantity) compared to $60-$70 or more for 100 Reception Cards. And one less card in your invitation ensemble could mean less postage.

8) Ceremony Decor
Use the KISS rule (Keep It Simple, Sweetie). Don’t put flowers on every pew, and on the sides, and at the entry and at the back . . . Where will your guests be looking? That’s right, where you’ll be exchanging your vows, so this is where to put decor. Still keep it simple by accentuating the area with something simple like a nice arch or columns, with greenery. (Rental greens cost less than cut floral arrangements).

9) Ceremony Decor (part 2)
Get the most from your money by making your ceremony decor do double duty at the reception. Use bridesmaids’ bouquets to dress up the head table or cake table. A unity candle arrangement is the perfect size for a head table or sweetheart table centerpiece. Pew decor can also be placed on the cake table.

These tips aren’t just for the small budget wedding. Regardless of how much you are able to spend on your wedding, these ideas will help you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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