5 Things That Wedding Planners Love

What Wedding Planners Love - Weddings From The Heart
Wedding planners love getting to work with amazing brides and grooms . . . Providing vendor referrals and decor suggestions that are a perfect fit for the couples vision . . . Figuring out wedding day logistics so the day flows smoothly . . .

Yes, it’s a “labor of love.”

Here are 5 things that wedding planners particularly love.

1. When you have a vision for your wedding day
Believe me, we want to help you create your ideal wedding, but when our questions and suggestions are met with, “Um, I don’t know,” we have nothing to work with. You don’t have to have every single little detail figured out, because yes, we love to have some creative input. Also, some ideas sound good “on paper” but just aren’t practical in real life. But when you have some idea of what you’d like, the pieces can be pulled together so much easier.

2. Pinterest
Wedding Planners Love Seeing Our Bride & Grooms Pinterest Board
It’s a wonderful tool to find and save inspiration and ideas for your wedding. It helps in expressing your ideas and vision. Sometimes words can’t really express what you mean, but a photo – they’re not wrong when they say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” (Just don’t try to exactly recreate something you’ve seen – you want to inject your personalities into the decor and plans, not just re-do what someone else did).

3. When you do a First Look and do all of your photos (or as many as possible) before the ceremony
Wedding Planners Love When The Bride & Groom Share a First Look Before Their Wedding Ceremony

Photo credit: Prima Vista Photography

Why? For brides, your hair and makeup are at their freshest. Also, the more photos done before hand will make your after-ceremony photo session go much quicker. You’ll get to your reception sooner, and may actually get to enjoy some of your cocktail hour. You’ll get the party started on time, guests won’t have to wait.

4. When you have a reading or two during your wedding ceremony
Why? Readings add an extra bit of personalization to your ceremony without adding any cost, or a lot of time to your ceremony. Plus it gives us planners a brief 5 minute or so “breather.”

How I Got Started as a Wedding Planner

5. When you and your new husband/wife are smiling and enjoying yourselves
Wedding Planners Love When The Bride & Groom Are Smiling and Enjoying Themselves

Photo credit: Faye Sommer Photography

Why? Joy is contagious. If you’re enjoying yourself, your guests will feel it, and have an even better time at your reception. Also, if you’re happy, we know we’ve done our jobs.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Dear Weddings From The Heart . . .

Dear Weddings From The Heart File this under “How a wedding planner can help.”

A while back I received a letter from a groom. It was a few weeks after his wedding, and although we did not work together he wanted to share some information with me. Apparently, on the day of their wedding, he and his new bride had a horrible experience with their venue and caterer.

His letter described the problems and issues created by the venue and staff, including how rude their staff was, how they ran out of food, and, what food there was, was cold.

The point of his letter was to warn me about this venue/caterer.

It broke my heart. No one deserves to be treated in this fashion, and for any company, wedding related or not, to provide such low quality of service and product is unforgivable.

But it doubly broke my heart as I soon realized that I could have helped this couple avoid this issue altogether.

5 Reasons You Need a Wedding Planner

Let’s go back several months . . . to when they were just starting with their wedding plans.

I received a phone call from this groom as he was interested in meeting with me to provide planning and coordination services for their wedding. So we scheduled an appointment.

However, a couple days later he called me back to cancel the appointment. He explained that his fiancée did not want a planner/coordinator, as she preferred to take care of things herself. I told him that my role does not hinder or diminish any couple from planning their own wedding, but instead is there to guide and assist, but if they would like to reschedule to let me know. The appointment was cancelled, and I did not hear back from them . . . until his letter after their wedding.

It made me sad (for them, not for me) because had they kept the appointment and hired my services, even for just venue/catering selection, I would have steered them clear from this venue, as it was notorious for such horrible practices (and then some) that he and his new bride experienced.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is not to pat myself on the back, or to claim to be the grand know-it-all of weddings, or to say that everyone should hire me for their wedding.

Instead it is just a simple reminder that there are people out there who are there to help you with your wedding, to take away the stress, to make sure you are making informed decisions regarding the many choices you are presented with, to provide options. And we are happy to help with a little or a lot, depending on your specific wedding needs.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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How to Keep Your Ceremony Musician From Playing at the Wrong Wedding In One Easy Step

piano Most wedding vendor mistakes can be avoided.

Saw this article recently where a pianist played at the wrong wedding ceremony – Musician Plays Wrong Wedding, World Does Not End

I feel bad for the bride & groom who had no music for their ceremony. When they’ve planned for (and paid for) certain elements so their wedding is just the way they want (or in this case, a lovely surprise for this bride), it can be heartbreaking when things don’t go as planned. Especially when the mistake could have been avoided!

How? By hiring a wedding coordinator to oversee the wedding day!

• A wedding coordinator will have been in contact with all of the vendors prior to the wedding day, knows when the musician (and all other wedding day vendors) are to be arriving to set up, and will be on the look out.

• A wedding coordinator will see to it that the pianist is aware that another wedding will be going on, so he doesn’t just go to the first one he sees assuming that’s the right one.

• A wedding coordinator will let the musician know to be on the lookout for her as well (so important to double-check those music cues).

• And – when the wedding coordinator doesn’t see the musician, she will call him to see where he is at. (Yes, I have all of the wedding day vendors’ cell phone numbers on me, and they have mine).

Congratulations to the couple in this article. It would have been nice if this wedding vendor mistake didn’t happen. But as the author stated, it “ended with a marriage. Kisses, smiles, and best wishes all around.” And that is what the day is really all about.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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