Planning A Destination Wedding? 4 Accessories You’re Going To Need.

A destination wedding is becoming more popular as the costs of a wedding at home begin to rise. Destination weddings don’t just give you the wedding in the sunshine that you dream of, but a two for one deal with a built-in honeymoon.

It doesn’t matter how you came to the decision of a destination wedding: whether dreamed about or impulsive, you’re on your way to the beach to say your vows!

Planning a wedding can be hard regardless if you will have it at home or abroad, but if you pay attention to the smaller details, your bigger things to organize will all seem to fall together.

Finding the perfect wedding package is your first step, and for inspiration look at today. Once you’ve done that, you can focus on your dress so you’ll know the rest of the accessories that you will need.

So, what accessory details will you need to take into consideration for your destination wedding day, compared to the wedding that you could have had at home?


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1. Shoes
When you walk the aisle in your choice of venue at home, you can be pretty certain that the heels you’ve chosen for under your dress will keep you steady, as the surface you’re walking on is steady. Going abroad could mean a beach wedding or a wedding on grass. You’ll need sturdier shoes but want to keep them pretty. A pair of wedges like these could be the perfect footwear for an outside wedding – failing that, barefoot on the sand sounds pretty amazing to us! If you’re off somewhere cold, why not custom-design some Wellington boots such as these?

2. Jewelry
Accessories For Your Destination Wedding - Pearl Embellished Bridal Necklace

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Pearls are classic bridal jewelry, and they are never out of place at a beach wedding considering pearls come from the ocean. Go for silver or white gold or even platinum jewelry for a destination wedding; the sunlight will dance off of it and make your entire look shimmer.

3. Purse/Bag
Accessories For Your Destination Wedding - Leather Embroidered Clutch

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You don’t see many brides carrying a purse or bag at their wedding, but a small clutch for you and your bridesmaids to carry is the perfect accessory for any wedding. For a beach wedding, you’ll need to top up your sunscreen or keep sunglasses handy during the day, (and no matter where your wedding takes place, you’ll want some lip gloss handy). No need for a huge tote, a clutch is perfect.

And if you decorate yours with a blue flower or broach, you’ve got your “Something Blue”!

4. Bouquet

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It’s unlikely that the bridal bouquet that you had carefully crafted at a florist and paid good money will last the journey to the destination you are having your wedding. Instead, have an artificial bouquet made that you can easily box and fly over to where you are getting married. It will save you the trouble of needing to take the time to organize it when you arrive, and you’ll still have a hand in the design before you go.

A destination wedding doesn’t mean that you have to compromise the accessories that you have so long dreamed about. It just means you’ll need to make some adjustments to fit the surroundings, so your wedding can be as beautiful as you imagined.

Oh, these destination wedding accessories tips will still work great even if you’re having a non-destination wedding!

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