4 Amazingly Easy Tips For Your Vintage Wedding

If you’re the type of person who loves a bit of vintage, and you’re also a person that is currently planning their wedding, then why not combine the two and plan a vintage wedding? Doing so will make your wedding more memorable, as all vintage things do, for all those attend, while making your wedding the day you’ve always dreamed of.

So, if you’re thinking about going vintage with your wedding, and check out the advice below.

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Select Invitations That Set The Vintage Tone
Carry your theme through right from the beginning with your invitations so they’ll set the tone of your wedding. So, with a vintage theme, you’ll want to have vintage inspired invitations. It’s very easy to achieve this. You can get in touch with a professional stationery designer who deals with a multitude of styles, including pre-designed and bespoke, or you can DIY them. Check out the easy step-by-step instructions here.

Go Grace Kelly With Your Flowers
Is there anything more stylish and vintage than the Princess of Monaco herself, Grace Kelly? No, there isn’t, so you simply have to include an air of her in your wedding plans to help make it a vintage day to remember!

Why not create this air with your floral arrangement choices? You can do so by buying bouquets from https://camelbackflowershop.com that are inspired by and named after Grace Kelly herself, (or talk with your local florist if you are out of their delivery area). Your flowers will be stunning and unrivaled by any wedding flower arrangements you will ever see again, that much is for certain!

Opt For Lace Decorations
What is one constant with vintage decor? Lace! So turn to lace decorations for your ceremony (such as chair decor down the aisle) and reception (try table runners or embellishments on vases). Depending on your tastes, you can use it in abundance or just a bit here and there.

What is another constant with vintage decor? Pearls!

Classic pearls, whether used in centerpieces or draped over a pretty candelabra instantly give any wedding decor a vintage feel. Use long strings of pearls, a la the Roaring Twenties (one of the most classy and vintage time periods of them all)!

Use Rustic Signs As Ways Of Direction
Rustic, while not the same as vintage (“vintage” is more of an era, where “rustic” is more of a locale), can be vintage. If your version of vintage also embodies rustic, you can incorporate items such as hobnail vases in your centerpieces, farm tables, and wooden signage to help direct your guests from A to B. Make fun escort cards using skeleton keys attached to tags with the guest’s name and table number.

As you can see, vintage weddings are achievable, you just have to have an eye and attention for detail in order to achieve them. And, if you follow the advice above and achieve the vintage wedding you were hoping for then, who knows, you might even outdo HRH Prince Harry and Megan Markle!

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