Four Wedding Trends That Should Never Go Away

candy buffet

bridesmaidsLately I’ve been seeing a lot of wedding articles that say something like “ Wedding Trends We Want To Go Away ” or “ Wedding Trends We Wish They Would Retire. ”

Let’s turn that around to something positive! There are certainly many fabulous wedding trends and practices that we’d love to see for a loooong time.

These are my 4 top favorites!

  1. Non-Identical Bridesmaid Gowns
    Your ladies have different personalities, and probably aren’t the same size or body type. Making them dress in identical dresses isn’t as common as it used to be.Choose a color (or color family) and give your ladies a few “guidelines” to follow, such as not full-length, or no strapless. Or choose a few different styles that coordinate and let your ladies choose which style each would like to wear.
  2. The “First Look”
    Most couples still follow the tradition of the groom not being allowed to see his bride before she walks down the aisle. However, a “First Look” is so special, and gives you both a moment together before the celebration of the day begins.
  3. Unplugged Weddings
    Your friends and family are excited to share your day and want photos to remember the day – I get that. But, if they’re watching through a viewfinder is distracting. They aren’t fully “in the moment.” Being “unplugged” allows your guests to truly “feel” the day, instead of collecting pictures to look at later.
  4. No Wedding Cake
    Ok, I love cake, but I have seen my share of couples who don’t, or just want to serve something different to their guests. Pies, ice cream, candy buffets, donuts . . . The possibilities are endless, so choose your favorite!(P.S. – This doesn’t mean I want to do away with wedding cakes. Instead, I want to encourage couples to do what feels right for them!)

candy buffet

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Common Guidelines For Wedding Ceremonies In A Church

church wedding ceremonyWe find that many couples are not always aware of the church ceremony guidelines that most churches have in place regarding what can and cannot be done at a wedding ceremony.

While your individual church will have its own rules and regulations, in general most churches have these guidelines in place.

  • Some policies are “no brainers” that most people wouldn’t even consider – such as not allowing permanently attached furniture to be moved, and no thumbtacks, nails, or tape can be used to secure any decorations to wooden surfaces (usually pews or walls). Also, it is expected that no trash or personal belongings be left behind in the building.
  • Saucers or mats must be placed under all palms, greenery or floral arrangements that rest on the floor/carpeting or are not in waterproof containers.
  • All arrangements for music, ceremony and decorations must be submitted in advance and are subject to the approval of the officiant or the wedding coordinator for that particular church.
  • The best rule to follow is that decorations should be kept to a minimum so as not to detract from the dignity of the sanctuary.
  • The church may require that you use their organist or music director.
  • Common policies regarding photography are no flash photos are to be taken during the ceremony. Some churches may also restrict any photos taken during the ceremony.
  • Some churches may restrict flower girls from dropping petals, or will allow petals to be dropped only if an aisle runner is used.
  • Other churches do not allow the use of an aisle runner.
  • While tossing petals or blowing bubbles after the conclusion of a wedding is still popular with many couples, some churches don’t allow this practice, or will restrict it to outside only, or fake petals only.

If you have not received a set of guidelines for your ceremony location, be sure to ask for clarification. That way you won’t have spent time (and possible money) on something that you won’t be able to use, or will have to make sudden last minute changes on your wedding day.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Wedding Flower Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank


photo credit: AJanega via photopin cc

Don’t dismiss the power of the carnation. These beautiful flowers have gotten a bad rap through years, but can be very sophisticated (change this word). These inexpensive flowers come in an abundant array of colors, and three main types – Large Carnations, Spray (or Mini) Carnations, and Dwarf Carnations.

Baby’s Breath







photo credit: FestivitiesMN via photopin cc

Baby’s Breath is usually used as filler flowers. But imagine how elegant a large grouping would be in a vase. Very grand, but without the price tag of other blooms.

Autumn Centerpiece

photo credit: FestivitiesMN via photopin cc

Want an easy, yet inexpensive seasonal centerpiece for your fall wedding? Try a bundle of wheat and dried grasses either placed in a pretty vase, or just tied together.

Floating Flowers

photo credit: Championship Catering via photopin cc

A few beautiful blooms can make a big impact. Float a few in pretty bowls of water, or submerge them in a taller vase.


photo credit: smflood via photopin cc

Bright lemons or limes add a big pop of color at a minimal cost. Place a few in a low bowl, or fill a tall vase. This works for all fruits – apples, grapes, pears . . .

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Wedding Planning Q & A – When To Take Off Your Wedding Veil





photo credit: MightyBoyBrian via photopin cc

Q. – Can I take my veil off after the ceremony, and if so, when should this be done?

A. – You can wear the veil for the entire reception, if you really want to, but after a while it can become cumbersome, especially if it is long.

There are two optimal times to take it off. The first is after the post-ceremony photos are done. Have your hairstylist show you how to do this so you don’t mess up your hair.

The second is after your reception is underway. Do this while your guests are eating. You won’t “hold up the action” when you briefly leave the reception.

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