Bride & Groom Q & A – When Putting on a Veil, Where Should the Comb Be Placed?

Q. – When putting my veil on, where should the comb be placed?

A. – It depends on how are you wearing your hair, and what look you want.

If your hair will be styled in a high bun, place the comb underneath the bun with the veil falling behind you. However, if you have a blusher, place the comb closer to the top of your head so it falls evenly around your face.

Basically, anywhere between the middle of the top of your head and the middle of the back of your head. It is dependent on your hairstyle and the look you are going for. Depending on the veil fullness at the comb, wearing it on the top of your head will give a more youthful, princess-like look and will allow the veiling to drape over your shoulders.

Wearing it toward the back of your head will give it a more streamlined look and will make the veil fall behind you. Bouffant and bubble veil styles are typically worn higher on the head.

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Veil on back of head
photo credit: Bellafaye via photopin cc

Veil on top of head
photo credit: VancityAllie via photopin cc

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