Weddings by the Numbers

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How much? How many?

These are common (and rightly so) questions that brides need answered while planning their wedding.

The following is a fun breakdown of the quantities of many wedding elements – starting with Number 1 (and a half!).

1.5 – Feet in a chapel length train

1.5 – Pounds of ice per person needed at the bar

2 – Number of minutes for the ideal toast

3 – Square feet per person for the dance floor

4-5 – Average number of bridesmaids and groomsmen

10 – Maximum number of guests who can be seated comfortably at a 60 inch round table

15 – Number of months for the average length of an engagement

15-20 – Percent of invited guests who will not be able to attend

17 – Percentage of weddings taking place in June (the most popular wedding month)

25 – Number of guests per wait staff at the reception for a plated dinner

29 – Average age of a bride

30-40 – Number of guests per wait staff at the reception for a dinner buffet

31 – Average age of a groom

33 – Percentage of weddings using the color blue in their color scheme

50 – Number of guests per usher at the ceremony

50 – Number of guests per bathroom at the reception

50 – Number of guests per bartender at the reception

68 – Percentage of couples who send out save-the-dates for their wedding

69 – Percentage of weddings that take place on a Saturday

139 – Average number of guests

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$28,427 – Average cost of a wedding

86,203 – Number of marriage licenses issued in Las Vegas in 2012

2.08 Million – Number of weddings in the US

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Hearts, Joy, Love!

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