5 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays & Still Plan Your Wedding Day

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by Kristi Richardson
Bloomed to Last

So, the holidays are just around the corner and your still in the midst of planning your wedding.

How can you possibly enjoy the holiday and still get everything done on your wedding planning to do list?!

Well, to be quite honest, unless your wedding is within the first 3 months of the year, it will probably take a back seat to holiday festivities. This is okay!!! Taking a planning break can be refreshing, not only for you, but for everyone helping you plan the big day.

However, just because you are not on a full fledged planning schedule doesn’t mean you can’t get ahead during the holidays. Here’s 5 ways you can enjoy the holiday and maximize your wedding planning too:

1. Register for Gifts – if you haven’t yet registered for gifts, make sure to register as soon as possible. Your family and friends, who may be purchasing Christmas gifts for you, are always looking to purchase gifts they know you want and many times if you have a gift registry in place, that’s the first place to look. NOTE – Just remember to select a variety in price ranges and stores that offer on-line services.

2. Make out a wish list – now, you could be asking yourself: “what’s the difference between gift registry and a wish list?” Well, there are many wedding day needs you can’t register for; such as garters, bridal accessories, wedding favors, invitations, transportation to the reception, DJ service, a photographer, and the like. But you still need these items to complete the look of your wedding day. So, make sure to provide everyone with a wish list of wedding needs. They may be able to get a gift card for the service or pledge a monetary gift towards that service for you.

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3. Use gatherings to complete tasks – the holidays are a time for family and friends to gather, share stories, catch up, and hang out. Why not use this time to fold programs, stuff or address invitations, and or put together favors? Doing these projects with massive help not only cuts down on the time you will have to spend later, but allows others to share in your wedding day planning. Most family and friends are delighted to help. So go ahead and let them help! NOTE – if you are having them help with food or perishable favor items, make sure they will keep until your wedding day. You don’t want to have to throw them out later because they have spoiled.

4. Now’s the time to dress shop – the holidays can be the perfect time to dress shop for Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses and other formal attire for the wedding day. Usually, the larger department stores are packed with cocktail dresses for Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve galas. Why not capitalize on this? And if you can wait until Jan 2nd all these dresses are on sale. Even if you are planning a spring or summer wedding there will be dresses on the rack. So, take your “moms or grandmothers” out to shop. This is also a great time to shop for bridesmaid dresses. Twice a year, bridal shops have a change over in inventory – normally Nov/Dec and April/May. This change is due to the new styles that are coming into the stores and discontinued styles are deeply discounted to make room for the new. You’ll be surprised at the all the style and color possibilities. (I once had a bridesmaid pick up her dress for $25 off the rack at David’s bridal.) You just never know.

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5. Get decorating items at a fraction of the cost – right after Christmas and New Year’s is the best time to find décor items at a fraction of the cost. Everything from colored dishes, candlesticks and candles, table cloths, ornaments, fabric, ribbon and more. If you are decorating your ceremony and/or reception venue yourself, then take advantage of these bargains. Even if you have hired help from a wedding designer (like me), a wedding planner, a rental company, or florist, buying the components at deep discount will save you additional cost later and most professional have no problem working with the materials you provide. NOTE – just make sure you collaborate with any of the professionals you have hired, you don’t want to purchase materials that won’t help achieve your wedding day design and most seasonal merchandise is non-returnable.

The holidays are a magical time. Make sure to stop and enjoy them.

Happy Planning!
Bloomed to Last

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