6 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Invitations


6 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Invitations

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1. Forgo upgrades such as envelope liners and custom ink colors.

2. Order extras now. It costs less to order an additional 25 now than have to reorder 25 more later.

3. Don’t have a separate Reception Card. Instead put ceremony and reception info on same card. Saves you money, and guests will have all the information on one card.

Print Reception Information on Invitation Instead of a Separate Card

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4. Forgo the Pre-Stamped RSVP card. Instead include a link to your wedding website or your email address. Make sure you also include a phone number for guests who aren’t online.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations & Other “Green” Tips

5. Avoid square or over-sized invitations. They look stylish, but cost more to mail than standard sized ones.

6. Print it yourself. Order blank invitations (Mountain Cow is an excellent source) or purchase from your local office supply store. Be sure to get extras so you can practice.

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  1. Valuable tips to save big on wedding invitations. I think its has a good rule of thumb for deciding how many guests to invite and how to cut costs. I love to share these tips with my friend which surely help in his planning wedding. Thanks for posting this useful post.

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