Did You get Engaged Over The Holidays?

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Just a quick post for those who just got engaged over the holidays.

First of all Congratulations! Relish this time as an “engaged couple.” Show off the ring, welcome all those well wishes.

And . . .

Beware of all those bridal shows right around the corner!

Sure, go to them to see what’s out there. See what the newest trends are in flowers and cakes and gowns and tuxes. Listen to the party music and look at the beautiful photos as you imagine yourself as the bride or groom on YOUR wedding day.

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But . . . If you just got engaged at Christmas or New Years, or maybe at Thanksgiving you probably haven’t had a chance to sit down with your fiance/fiancee to talk about how both of you are wanting your wedding day to be like.

I’m not talking about hammering out all the little details (yet). You’ve got a gazillion options, and they will be decided upon further down the planning road.

When you start planning your wedding, you’ll need to have in mind the basics – where you want the wedding and reception to take place; how big (or small) you want your wedding to be; what style do you want (formal, casual, whimsical, something else?); what is your wedding date? – before you can move ahead with any plans.

So . . .

(Yeah, I know I’m repeating myself here . . .)

Beware of all those bridal shows right around the corner!

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Yes, they are fun and exciting. You’re going to see a lot of fantastic ideas and it can be very easy to get caught up in the moment. You’ll be offered many deals if you “sign the dotted line.”

However, (if you haven’t discussed the “basics” with your fiancé yet), now is NOT the time to make any concrete plans.

Sure, that DJ, or photographer, or baker (or any of the other wedding service providers) seem wonderful (and I’m not saying that they aren’t), but if you haven’t discussed the “basics” then you won’t know if that wonderful service provider is the right one for you!

This is an exciting time. Enjoy being engaged. Go to the shows with the intent of seeing what is available. Get some ideas of what appeals to you, and take note of things that aren’t your style. Collect brochures and literature (and take notes on the things that really stand out to you).

Relish this time as an engaged couple. The planning stage will come soon enough.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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