Technology and Your Wedding Day

I recently read an article on wedding technology trends.

Now I’m admittedly NOT a techie kind of girl – sure, I love having a smartphone (don’t know how I got on without it), and I have a laptop and a tablet – and get that technology makes things easier, and/or achieves a desired result in a more effective manner.

But technology at weddings if overdone can take away from the event instead of enhancing it.

As stated in the article, “Need a way to collect all of your wedding photos from Instagram? Create a custom wedding hashtag. Want to keep guests’ phones juiced up so they’re taking photos and video all night long? Transform one of your cocktail hour tables into a cute cellphone charging station.” Makes sense since things like wedding pictures on Instagram and the extensive use of taking photos with cellphones is part of the everyday norm. They’re unobtrusive and doesn’t detract from the day.

Now I’m not saying that technology should never be seen at a wedding. Instead, I’m suggesting that you carefully consider how the use of a particular method of technology will truly enhance (or potentially detract) from your wedding day.

Replacing a ring bearer with a drone?
Your wedding ceremony isn’t about how the rings make their appearance, but the promise you make to each other as you become partners in life. Years later, do you want your guests talking about the drone at your wedding or do you want them reminiscing about how beautiful and meaningful your ceremony was?

A camera hidden in your bouquet?
OK, yeah, I like this idea for a certain moment of the day (walking down the aisle). But for the other moments? Why not just use a bouquet-less camera? And the suggestion about hiding a camera at the reception? Why hide it?

Driverless cars and robots?
Maybe I’ve just watched too many bad sci-fi movies.

Also, if you or your fiancé aren’t techie people, incorporating the use of technology in roles typically filled by real live humans will be out of place. It isn’t “you.”

So, what do you think about the future of technology used at weddings?

In case you want to read the article on technology at weddings you can find it here 10 Wedding Technology Trends Straight From The Future.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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