Not All Timelines Are Created Equal – A Wedding Planner’s Timeline vs A DJs Timeline

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I’ve heard it too many times before, “I don’t need a wedding planner, my DJ has the timeline.”


“You don’t need to do a timeline, my DJ did it already.”

Now I’m thrilled when the DJ has an interest in the timeline (instead of just ‘doing their own thing’ at the reception), and I’m not knocking the timeline that a DJ does. It’s an important tool for him to have.

But . . .

A Wedding Planner’s timeline and a DJ’s timeline are not the same thing.

A DJ’s timeline in typically only 1 page long, as it covers the order of events of the reception – including announcing the happy couple and their wedding party, when the cake will be cut, and when the first dance will take place.

A Wedding Planner’s timeline is anywhere from 6-8 pages (or more!), and includes not just the order of events of the reception, but is a written blueprint of the entire day (rehearsal, ceremony, and reception).

Our timelines have the time and place of hair and make-up appointments, when deliveries will occur, how many bouquets and boutonnieres the florist is to deliver, music selectins for the ceremony, wedding party order for the ceremony, where everything is to be placed, arrival time of wedding party transportation, whether it’s a “drink what’s in your glass” toast or a champagne toast (and who’s providing and pouring that champagne), a list of keepsake items to go take home by the couple (or someone they’ve designated to take things home for them) . . .


Our timelines show what needs to be picked up or returned to the baker, to the florist, to the rental company, etc., so things are precisely where they are supposed to be at the conclusion of your event.

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Our timelines address special concerns the couple may have. Perhaps mom and dad are divorced and do not get along? Or your friend Sally gets the gluten free meal? How about that college friend who always seems to imbibe a bit too much at every get together?

Like I said before, I’m not knocking the timeline that the DJ does, nor the role he plays in keeping the flow of the day going. On the wedding day, once things get started, the ball is in the DJs court. I (and other wedding planners) can map out the flow, but on wedding day, the DJ controls it. The wedding planner should not be micromanaging things, but let the DJ do his job.

We are all in this together, (yes, we are a TEAM), and our goal is the same – to make sure that the happy couple has the most wonderful day.

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Hearts, Joy, Love!

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