The Bouquet Toss – How To Catch The Bouquet

Bouquet Toss - Tossing The Bouquet - Wedding Customs
The bouquet toss, you know that fun custom during the wedding reception when the bride throws a bouquet to all the single ladies, didn’t start out so jovial and fun.

The practice of the bride tossing her bouquet originated in 14th century Europe. At that time, the belief was that all brides and everything they touched was lucky. By merely touching a bride, or getting a piece of something she touched, wore, or carried would give a person a little bit of that luck.

A very unromantic concept – as the bride was often aggressively chased, guests tearing at her dress and bouquet in the hopes of obtaining some of her luck. Eventually brides began throwing bits of their bouquets to the crazy crowd.

This new practice of tearing apart her own bouquet to throw to several people eventually transformed to the bouquet toss practice we know today. Bride’s used to toss their own bouquet, but this eventually turned into a small toss bouquet, allowing the bride to keep hers. Instead of getting some of the bride’s luck, whoever catches it will be the next to marry.

Tossing the bouquet is the easy part. Just be wary of low ceilings or the bouquet will be bounced directly down to the floor instead of reaching the intended target – the single ladies.

Catching it takes some finesse.

Check out this entertaining infographic from our friends at Larson Jewelers which gives the single ladies an easy (and amusing) how-to and tips to increase their odds of a successful bouquet catch.

The Ultimate Guide to Catching the Bouquet Like a Lady - - Infographic

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Bride & Groom Q & A – Do I Have to Toss the Bouquet?

alternatives to bouquet toss Q. – I’m not sure that I really want to toss my wedding bouquet at the reception. What else can I do instead? What wedding bouquet toss alternatives do you suggest?

A. – These days, most florists will make a special toss bouquet for you, so you are able to save your bridal bouquet for yourself. However, if you’re still unsure about doing the “traditional” bouquet toss, here are some alternatives.

• Count the number of single ladies who will be attending, and attach that number of ribbons to the special “toss” bouquet. Only one of these ribbons will actually be secured to the bouquet, the others will just be loosely woven into it. At the appointed time, have all the ladies pull a ribbon, and the one with the attached ribbon gets the bouquet.

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• Instead of having just one lucky lady catch the bouquet, how about three or four? Have a few little bouquets tied together with a loose bow. It’s important to have the bow very loose so when you toss what appears to be only one bouquet, it will easily separate and more than one lady will get to catch one.

• Have your DJ or bandleader do an Anniversary Dance. Bring all of the married couples onto the dance floor. After about a minute or so, the DJ/bandleader will ask those who have been married 5 years or less to leave the dance floor, then continue in this fashion every 30 seconds or so, in progressive increments – 10 years or less, 15 or less, and so on – until only one couple remains. Present them with the bouquet.

• Is there a special person who lives nearby, but is not able to attend your wedding? Perhaps due to poor health Grandma, a favorite aunt, or special friend of the family just couldn’t come. They’d love a quick visit from you, and will feel even more special when presented with a lovely bouquet.

• Forgo doing something with the bouquet completely. It’s your wedding, and your guests won’t mind.

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