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invitation names wordingQ – I have a question about my wedding invitation wording. Whose names are supposed to go on the invitation? My FMIL wants their names on there too, but they’re not paying for the wedding!

A – Some people are under the belief that besides the names of the bride and groom, the only other names that are allowed to be listed on the invitation are the bride’s parents, and this is only if they’re paying for the wedding. If the groom’s parents are mentioned as well, they think that it will imply that they are also paying.

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But simply having their names on the invitation is not the case. Instead, it is where the names are placed on the invitation that indicates who is hosting, and usually, but not always, paying.

“Mr. and Mrs. Jason Smith request the honour of your presence at marriage of their daughter” clearly indicates that Mr. and Mrs. Smith are doing the inviting, hosting and probably paying.

Having “son of Mr. and Mrs. William Jones” following the groom’s name is merely acknowledging (and honoring) his parents. Having their names here indicates that they are not issuing the invitations, they are not hosting, and they are not paying.

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