It’s In The Looks

Mmmmm, food. Glorious, delicious food.

You’ll want to serve food that’s special enough for your wonderful celebration – but, at the same time, familiar enough so your guests won’t be staring at their plates wondering what it is.

An easy way to solve this dilemma? Presentation.

It’s an easy way to jack up the experience, but not jack up the price tag.

Instead of salad greens simply placed in a bowl, why not try something like this yummy cucumber wrap salad? The ingredients are easily identifiable, your guests won’t have to scratch their heads, and it looks so fun.

Or jazz up dessert with a little plate garnishing such as the fruit compote surrounding a piece of cake,

or chocolate flourishes (the ice cream melted while I was enjoying my room service dinner).

Doesn’t need a lot of extra ingredients, nor a lot of extra time and labor. But it adds just a little extra something to the specialness, don’t you think?

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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