Not your everyday . . . Food

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There’s nothing wrong with sharing something you find special with your guests or wanting to try something different.

But you want to make sure you don’t stray so far out of the box that people will pass by a food choice because they’re thinking, “What in the world is that? I’m not putting that in my mouth.”

Most people are most comfortable with what’s familiar, or at least identifiable – perhaps even more so with what they eat.

That’s why mini versions of our everyday comfort food is so “in” right now. Mini burgers and pizzas, mini mac and cheese, and baby baked potatoes make great hors d’oeuvres choices.

People love ‘em so you have happy guests. Also there’s no left overs or wasted food. (And we all know that wasted anything = wasted money!)

Still, you don’t have to totally shy away from introducing something different – maybe a cultural favorite to honor your heritage, or a specific type of cuisine that you and your fiancé absolutely love. Your caterer can help you create a great balance, whether in ingredients, the appearance of the dish, or other menu choices.

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