Bride's Q & A – Wedding Programs

Q – We’re not sure if we want to use programs at our ceremony. Are we required to have one?

A – There is no requirement or obligation to use a program for your wedding ceremony. Programs also make a wonderful, and relatively inexpensive, keepsake for your guests. The basic purpose of a program is to keep your guests informed. The simplest and most basic wedding program provides a list of all of the participants in your ceremony as well as an order of events for the ceremony itself. It is a lovely keepsake, and will help guide your guests through the ceremony.

However, you can get as detailed as you wish. Instead of merely including names of the members of the bridal party, also add their relationship to the bride and groom. Include titles and composers of the music being played, as well as any special poems or readings included in the ceremony. Also, explanations of any religious or cultural traditions during your ceremony, if these are unfamiliar to some of your guests is a thoughtful way to keep them informed and allow your guests to fully appreciate the ceremony.

The look of a wedding program can take many different forms, from a simple bi-fold or tri-fold, to something more elaborate such as an accordion fold or multi-page booklet. They can be circular or fan shaped.

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