How to Easily Deal with Wedding Day Expectations

Expectations. We all have them. Unfortunately our wedding day expectations aren’t always in sync with the expectations of others’.

You could pull a ‘zilla and declare that the only expectations and opinions that matter are yours and yours alone. But in reality we know that’s not how it works. You’ve also got your fiancé to consider, as well as your and his parents. With all these people, chances are high that each one will have their own take on things.

So to help ensure that your wedding goes smoothly is to address everyone’s expectations well in advance. You’ll have the chance to get your thoughts and opinions out in the open, as well as be made aware of what others are thinking and anticipating.

It’s possible that you may decide that their suggestions make sense for your wedding vision and can be incorporated into the day. Then again, if not, you can calmly inform them in advance that although you appreciate their suggestions, you (and your fiancé) don’t feel that it will work for your day.

For example, you and your fiancé do not want to stand in a long receiving line after your ceremony, so you decide to skip this. This is not a problem, unless your mom (or his mom) have been looking forward to this chance to greet all of your guests. Now you can either decide that although your first choice is to not do a receiving line, you’ll do one anyway so your moms can greet everyone; or, you can stick with your original plan to omit this altogether.

By informing everyone of what will and will not occur on the wedding day, no unpleasant surprises or hurt feelings will pop up on your wedding day.

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