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The REAL Wedding Crashers: Two women ‘crashed receptions and stole gifts and money’

Sadly this is a real headline. In this instance two Massachusetts women crashed two weddings and stole several thousand dollars worth of cash and gifts. One even tried to steal a guest’s purse!

It’s sad to know that there are dishonest people who prey upon people during what should be one of the happiest and most magical days of their lives – their wedding day.

Think about it. Your wedding planning is complete, and your special day is finally here. The last thing you should have to worry about on your wedding day is “will someone come and steal something?” And no bride wants to have to file a police report after her reception.

Here are some easy tips to avoid this situation:

Don’t put the gift table in the hallway
There will be very few people around, and problems can occur if it is mainly out of sight. Instead, place the gift table inside the room where the main action will occur.

Don’t put the gift table next to the entry door
This makes it too easy for something to be slipped out unnoticed. Instead place it across the room. To make it easier on your guests, have someone from the venue staff, your wedding planner, or a trustworthy friend assist guests by taking the gifts to the table for them.

Have a sturdy receptacle, with a lid, for gift envelopes
With an open basket or container with no lid, it is too easy, and virtually unnoticeable, for someone to remove something. Carefully check out those cardboard gift envelope boxes as many are nothing more than heavy paper. They look cute, but they are just not secure enough. Instead, use a container that has to be opened from the bottom, locks, or has a tight lid – making removal attempts much harder and more obvious.

Following these tips is good insurance on keeping your gifts and envelopes safe and sound, but you may still want to get the real thing. You can get a policy that covers stolen gifts. Check out Wedsure, Wedsafe, or Wedding Protector Plan for more information.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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