8 Simple Tips to Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

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As a special way to make their wedding uniquely theirs, more and more couples are writing their own wedding vows. If that is in your plans, here are some things to keep in mind for writing your wedding vows.

*This can be a huge undertaking. It is like being an author/poet and public speaker at the same time. Some people can pull it off and others can’t. Think about it clearly before you commit to making it an integral part of your ceremony.

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*Make sure it’s even possible. Many churches don’t allow personalized vows. Instead couples are required to recite a specific and traditional set of vows. Even officiants who OK the concept may want to have final approval of what you have chosen to say.

*Start early. You may have learned to cram for finals in college, but writing your wedding vows is not the time or place to just “jot down a few ideas the night before and wing it.”

Wedding Vows

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*Make sure that both of you are on the same page. The bride may have something serious and somber in mind, while the groom is thinking funny and light. Talk about the tone of the vows that will work for both of you. Pick a common theme to guide you both. Consider this – do you want to know what he/she will say before the ceremony or is it to be a surprise?

*Feel free to copy words or ideas from books or plays. Quote a famous poet or author whose work resonates with you.

*Remember what the point of a wedding vow is. It is a solemn promise, a verbal contract if you will. Don’t make the vows so personal that no one knows what you are talking about – this is not the time or place for “inside jokes.”

*Don’t go on and on and on. . . Time how long it takes to say your vows, and adjust accordingly. One minute or so is usually enough.

*Practice, practice, practice. (But remember that it is OK to read your vows so you don’t have to memorize them).

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