How to Keep Your Ceremony Musician From Playing at the Wrong Wedding In One Easy Step

piano Most wedding vendor mistakes can be avoided.

Saw this article recently where a pianist played at the wrong wedding ceremony – Musician Plays Wrong Wedding, World Does Not End

I feel bad for the bride & groom who had no music for their ceremony. When they’ve planned for (and paid for) certain elements so their wedding is just the way they want (or in this case, a lovely surprise for this bride), it can be heartbreaking when things don’t go as planned. Especially when the mistake could have been avoided!

How? By hiring a wedding coordinator to oversee the wedding day!

• A wedding coordinator will have been in contact with all of the vendors prior to the wedding day, knows when the musician (and all other wedding day vendors) are to be arriving to set up, and will be on the look out.

• A wedding coordinator will see to it that the pianist is aware that another wedding will be going on, so he doesn’t just go to the first one he sees assuming that’s the right one.

• A wedding coordinator will let the musician know to be on the lookout for her as well (so important to double-check those music cues).

• And – when the wedding coordinator doesn’t see the musician, she will call him to see where he is at. (Yes, I have all of the wedding day vendors’ cell phone numbers on me, and they have mine).

Congratulations to the couple in this article. It would have been nice if this wedding vendor mistake didn’t happen. But as the author stated, it “ended with a marriage. Kisses, smiles, and best wishes all around.” And that is what the day is really all about.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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