Wedding Planning Q & A – When to Lift the Bride's Veil?

Q. – During the ceremony, who’s supposed to lift my veil?

A. – Although not as common these days, many brides still wear a traditional blusher veil (a veil that covers the face) for their ceremony. You have two options for who lifts your veil, depending on when you want the veil lifted. The first choice is having your dad (or whomever escorted you down the aisle) lift the veil after you reach the front. The other choice is to have your groom lift the veil just before the kiss.

Both ways are perfectly fine and “correct.” It may help you to decide if you think about how long you want your face covered during your ceremony. Are you comfortable with having something covering your face (even if it’s as sheer as a veil) for 30 – 45 minutes (or more)? Or do you prefer having it cover your face for as short a time as possible?

Not sure that you want a blusher veil at all? Remember – they make for really cute pictures with your groom.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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photo credit of bride: Rachel Wilder via photopin
photo credit of bride with groom: April Killingsworth via photopin

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