Top 5 Mistakes Brides Make While Shopping for Her Wedding Gown

wedding dresses - wedding dress shoppingShopping for wedding dresses is exciting. It should be fun and stress-free. But there are a few things to avoid to make the experience as joyful (and productive) as possible.

Bringing an Entourage
This is probably the most common mistake. Sure, you want to share this adventure with your mom, your fiance’s mom, and all of your ladies, but . . .

Too many people = too many opinions.

And when everyone is voicing their opinion – or even worse, when you love the dress, but it gets a “thumbs down” from everyone else – it becomes easy to get discouraged, and lose sight of what you really want.

Trying on Too Many Dress Styles
Of course you don’t want to limit yourself to just trying on a couple styles, but don’t try on every style available.

You know the styles that you like, and if you’re wearing something you love and makes you feel confident, you’ll look even better. Also, be open to suggestions from the consultant at the bridal salon, as she is trained to find styles that will work best with and look fabulous on your body type.

Requesting a Smaller Size
Wedding gowns are not sized like regular, ready-to-wear clothing.

Sure, you can go to just about any clothing store, pick something of the rack based on size, and it will fit. Not always so with wedding gowns.

Due to how the fabric is cut at the manufacturers, you will most likely need a size that is larger than what you are. Do not be offended! And don’t think that the salon is trying to sell you a too-large gown so they can make more money on alterations. They’re not. They’re just going by the sizing charts that the gown manufacturers provide them.

5 Things to Bring with You to the Bridal Salon

Forgetting to Bring Dress Shoes
Unless you’re used to walking around in heels all day, you’ll probably want to wear a comfortable pair of flats. But be sure to bring a pair of shoes that are similar to the ones you plan to wear on your wedding day. That way you’ll know whether the shoes you have in mind will look right with your dress.

Choosing a Gown That is a Current Trend
There’s nothing wrong with choosing a gown that’s on trend, IF it fits your personal and wedding styles.

Be careful if you choose a wedding gown that is very trendy. Years from now, as you’re looking back at your wedding photos, you don’t want to be cringing with “What was I thinking?” on your mind. It’s always best to stay true to your personal style.

Choose a gown because you really love it, NOT because it’s the latest trend.

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Hearts, Joy, Love!

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