Ordering Your Wedding Gown Online

ordering your wedding gown online

There probably isn’t a wedding related item that holds a greater importance or personal connection to a bride than her wedding gown. More time and emotion is usually invested in shopping for wedding dresses than in any other part of the celebration.

Because of its importance (both as a practical indicator of the degree of formality planned and an emotional indicator of how the bride sees herself on this her day of days), little could be more important than where it is purchased.

Budget minded brides who may be trying to save money on their wedding may be tempted to cut corners on their gown by buying sight unseen from an internet source.

An overwhelming number of bridal experts would caution a bride not to take that step. Be extremely cautious if you are considering ordering the gown of your dreams at a discount over the phone, the internet or by mail. Beware if considering ordering your wedding gown online.

Choosing Your Wedding Gown – To Minimize a Large Bust

Why? What can happen?

Listen to the woes of some brides and the problems they encountered.

  • Received a gown that is not the style, color or size dress she ordered
  • Received a gown that has obvious flaws, spots and missing parts
  • Got a cheap copy of the dress shown in the picture
  • Got a “look-a-like” made from an inferior fabric from what she ordered
  • The gown was not delivered on time
  • Did not get the gown at all

Most “discount” sources demand full payment in advance and in full, so if you have any trouble with the order, you are left trying to solve problems long distance with a vendor who already has your money.

Even if there is no issue and you get it, you’ll still need to arrange local resources to handle the alterations and pressing.

We urge brides to carefully weigh their decisions to buy on line or from a warehouse operation from a vendor with whom they have no relationship versus working with a reputable highly recommended local full service bridal salon that will stand behind every order and promptly solve any problems that may be encountered.

Good bridal salon consultants will help the bride on a budget find the dress of her dreams.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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