An Inside Look at the Making of Vanessa Williams’ Luxurious Wedding Invitations

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vanessa williams

Vanessa Williams and Jim Skrimp were married last summer in Buffalo, NY.

It was while vacationing in Egypt when Vanessa met Jim.

This memory was called forth on their wedding day in her attire (a sleek skirt/top combo with gold belt); hair and make-up (smoky eyes and hair styled long and straight); and jewelry (gold and diamond necklaces and chandelier earrings to echo the Egyptian vibe). Jim had her engagement ring designed with a lotus leaf.

Even their wedding invitation reflected an Egyptian theme.

It’s been often said that the wedding invitation gives guests a glimpse of the event to come. The amazing invitations designed by Adorn Wedding Invitations hinted at a beautiful and luxurious event.

“This invitation says to the world love is possible love is real. For Vanessa and Jim this couldn’t be truer.”

Adorn Wedding Invitations has allowed us to share the absolutely stunning invitations that they created for Vanessa & Jim, including this video documenting “their design journey.”

“But [Adorn Invitation’s] job was simple; create invitations that live up to the celebration of the year!”

The points of reference that Vanessa shared with them were a gold color scheme, her dress, and a “shortlisted pin board.”

The invitation, and other enclosures, were printed on rich Marsala paper (a deep and emotionally rich color which conjures the feelings of passion and romance), and printed in gold, metallic foil to give it a luxurious touch.

Inspired by the details of her dress, their designers created a hand sketch which was then digitalized into a singular shape which they repeated multiple times to create a seamless and uniformed pattern.

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This intricate pattern became the breathtaking overlay, and featured over 580 small shapes that were precision laser cut on gold metallic shimmer paper. A lotus, a symbol of fortune and of purifying the spirit, was plated in 14K gold and hand applied to each overlay.

No detail was overlooked as the envelopes had opulent embellishments: gold foil monogrammed return address, custom wax seal, and custom crafted gold liners.

As you can see, the final results were truly amazing.

vanessa williams invitations

vanessa williams invitations

“As Vanessa said, they did “extraordinary work in creating a beautiful piece of art.””

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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