Hello. How much do you charge?

“How much do you charge?”

That is usually the first question I get from a newly engaged bride or groom.

And it’s definitely a valid question. It’s important to know what a wedding planner would cost.

However, my answer is “It depends.”

Now you’re probably thinking, “why does she give a vague ‘it depends’ answer when other planners can tell us a dollar amount?”

How can I (or they, for that matter) tell you the price without knowing any details of your wedding, without knowing what you want me/us to do for you?

There way too many variables from one wedding to the next that affect the level of service I can provide for any couple, and in turn, affects ‘how much I charge.’

Do you want to end up paying too much because you’re getting things you really don’t want, or end up paying too little and miss things that are truly important to you?

Of course not.

Some things (but not all) that affect price are:

  • The size of your wedding

– A wedding for 40-50 people is different than one for 250-300 people.

  • How traditional or non-traditional your event will be

– Although traditional is in no way “cookie cutter,” non-traditional events can require more time and effort.

  • How hands on or hands off you want me to be

– Do you want me to schedule vendor appointments for you, and join you at these appointments? Or do you just want me to provide you with names and contact information of vendors that would be a good fit for you?
– Do you want help with DIY projects?
– Do you need help locating unique resources and products to enhance your wedding?
The main services I provide are planning (partial to full-service), wedding weekend coordination, and hourly consulting. But (other than the hourly consults, because well, an hour is an hour, no one couple’s planning or coordination needs are the same as another couple’s.

Perfect example –

    • Had a couple who lived out of state and wouldn’t be in town until the week of their wedding. Their wedding ceremony and reception took place on a Tuesday (late morning/early afternoon), with 25 guests, cake and punch, with background music only (no dancing).
    • Had another couple who were local with their Saturday afternoon ceremony to be held in the same church where her parents and grandparents were married, and be followed by a dinner and dancing reception in a country club.


  • While both wanted/needed “full-service planning,” the scope of both weddings was very different, as was the level of my duties. So although both were considered full-service, the price for both were different.

    Unlike so many other wedding planners, I do not have a price list to hand out, and am really surprised that others do.

    So please don’t think I’m trying to be secretive when I don’t immediately answer the “How much do you charge” question. Instead, let’s get together (in person, or by phone-chat), and talk a bit about your wedding needs. That way we can develop service programs specifically for you (with pricing), based on you and the wedding you want.

    Hearts, Joy, Love!

    Do you have questions or are looking for unique ideas for your wedding? Weddings From The Heart can help. Contact me today at jean@weddingsfromtheheart.net or at 937-235-2586 or 937-581-3647!

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2 thoughts on “Hello. How much do you charge?

  1. As a destination wedding planner & honeymoon travel professional, my team & I often get a phone call such as this.
    Your Honeymoon, your first ‘romantic’ escape as Mr. & Mrs., should be carefully planned & executed to reflect you!
    Variations, your interests, preferred views…& on, affect the bottom line. We research & ask lots of Q’s to ensure your happiness.
    A cookie cutter Honeymoon may be disastrous for YOU!
    Again, doesn’t your 1st romantic get away as Mr. & Mrs., deserve your devotion to ensure a good fit & memorable experience to last a lifetime?
    We do!

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